Maybe Wanda Austin Needs A History Lesson


Remember Riki Ellison posted on facebook that USC interim president Wanda Austin said the following regarding Clay Helton: “He’s not drinking, doing drugs, or sleeping around.”

Well, John McKay was famous for hanging out at Julie’s restaurant and some legendary drinking nights.

He also won four national championships. So maybe it’s OK to have a few vices if you win.


25 thoughts on “Maybe Wanda Austin Needs A History Lesson

      1. You’re right (again). I want him to get ripped like Sinatra —the kinda ripped where you’re holding onto the floor. And, like Robert Taylor said in Johnny Eager, “if you’ve been a sucker half way, ya might as well be a sucker all the way” —so, I guess, we need him to do some drugs and sleep around too……

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      2. Pudly —I “prefer” Captain Howdy over Bozo too (we sound like Jimmy Stewart talking to the imaginary Harvey —“I prefer you too, Harvey”)….

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    1. Ha! There were lots & lots of dumb answers to the question “why are you keeping Helton?”………

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  1. McKay did not win National Championships, they were voted NC’s and not a sanctioned NC by the NCAA.

    Betwixt 9/12/1976 – 12/2/1077 Mckay lost 26 straight games, an NFL record for futility.

    McKay died an Alky


    1. Your such a shithead. How about your boy Red Sanders who was the
      biggest lush and falanderer. Your an idiot of the worse kind! Why I answer
      your dumb remarks is beyond me.


    1. More perspective – what Mule, in his typically misguided and frequently borderline dishonest way fails to mention is (1) how different expansion was carried out in the NFL then (the outgrowth of which was realized at the next expansion, wherein the Panthers and Jaguars were so favorably treated that both made their respective conference championships in year two); and more importantly (2) after the 0-26 start, McKay was one ‘candidate for the worst playoff quarterback performance by Doug Williams (and Mike Rae in relief) from taking the same team to the Super Bowl in just year four (to include beating Dick Vermeil’s Eagles in the divisional playoffs…since beating a bRuin coach was so second nature), the beginning of a stretch of 3 playoff appearances in 4 seasons…

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  2. Just to put things in perspective —When everybody understandably distanced themselves as far as they could get from O.J, Coach McKay went to visit him in lockup. When a reporter asked how he could bear to even look at O.J. after what he did, McKay answered “he’s still one of my kids.” That took a hell of a lot of guts. (I can guarantee you Toa would no longer be the love of Helton’s life if he got into desperate trouble —-in fact, Helton would never say his name again). Moreover, John McKay died one of the bravest deaths I’ve ever read about. Told that he’d die if they didn’t amputate his leg, Coach McKay said he was leaving the way he came in —with 2 legs. Most people try to buy time —McKay chose to leave on his own terms.
    As far as those first 26 games, Coach McKay’s running back, Ricky Bell, was injured off and on throughout both seasons. It turns out he was dying a slow death as a result of a rare disease. Maybe it’s best not to point the finger at Coach McKay for using his first draft pick on a player no one knew was playing with an illness.

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    1. Greatly put about Coach McKay. He was someone I looked up too as a young man. Growing up in South Central LA. I would go to the USC Football practices. Coach McKay would let me come on the field an be a ball boy for practice. Have always been a Trojan fan

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  3. McKay lost to Tommy Prothro in 1965 and 1966 and was demolished by Ara Parshegian in 1966. That season – 1966- was his absolute nadir as it ‘seemed’ time had passed him by after his upset of the Irish in 1964…steadily his opponents were catching up and fast esp. the Irish and bel-air tech.

    Shame McKay and Prothro weren’t absolute to be ‘friends’ as McKay was with Bryant but there was respect. Prothro eventually went to the NFL after the 1969 season and McKay followed some 7 years later.

    The moron who cited his losing streak is proof positive that bile is self-created i.e. someone who has: never had anyone in his life currently no one in his life and never shall.

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    1. Owns is such a dilemma, Alv. He can be thought provoking —as when he points out my double standard in condemning Swann on the basis of “should have known” liability, while defending Enfield. But then —just when you think he’s a really engaging gadfly —he goes into one of his scathing personal attacks on somebody he knows people on this site respect and care about. It’s like he’s two different people. I wish he’d put the bad boy Owns in a permanent corner —-then we could have some fun dialogues instead of this talk radio back and forth.

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      1. Am I to understand Mikey, you’re ok with Commie Lush’s standard “Peckerwood” schtick? Do you appreciate it when Commie Lush makes fun of the deceased Wooden and his wife? As if McKay never cheated for dear auld SUCCX.

        Do you appreciate Commie Lush’s decided misogynist slant regarding bozo women students/administrators or women in general?

        Commie Lush, is IMHO, is the epitome of what ails Clown U. Mikey, I’m sorry to hear you pander to such a callous, shallow human being.


      2. Matters not to any of us where this lost soul flits to, all he’ll ever bring is his bile and venom….it’s what he is – an isolated wretch hoping always hoping someone anyone is foolish enough to give him a second glance – ie – the crazy man with the sign at the offramp – an object lesson on what one foolish decision after another results in – a wasted life.


  4. Helton recruits many players from religious families. Promises them faith, family and football in exactly that order and then wonders why football program is pegged as soft, undisciplined and can’t develop players for pro football. The families love him but he doesn’t produce NFL players as expected and is incompetent in many aspects of the game. Administrators love him because he is more of a social worker who fits in with the faculty lounge crowd. He picked a QB who still should have been in high school and rejected a bad boy QB who ended up at Mississippi State and the SEC and so far looks way better. This is Helton’s modus operandi. Doesn’t pick the best players and doesn’t start the best players. He actually played a blind long snapper in games and asked the opposing teams not to block him and in return SC would not block their opponents on Point After Touchdowns (PAT’s). What message did that send? But look at all the players he has lost to disciplinary issues, transfers, grades, etc. In other words, we should be judged by our results (by our fruits as religious people sometimes say).

    Conversely, a coach who has some vices but who picks the best players and prepares them for games and the pros is considered not qualified because he “drinks or sleep around” (the new morality code of Me-Too puritanical but greedy and corrupt feminists who now run the university). I have a theory that piety/puritanism and morality are not necessarily related. Example: my unlicensed plumber gambles and cheats on his live-in gal friend but also takes care of his parents and is a very competent plumber who never cheats a customer. But the licensed plumbers I have hired charge outrageous prices and often cheat on the quality of work (leaving me with a red-tagged air conditioning system that pumps out dangerous C02) but are considered “professionals”. People who are moral (meaning they produce good results despite vices) often know how to get their hands dirty with sewer pipes and with life. Call it consequentialism. Just a theory.


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