A College Admissions Scam Story

A USC coach told me an interesting story: An athlete he recruited as a walk-on with good grades was presented to Donna Heinel.

The coach said Heinel told him the athlete’s test score was too low. About 12 hours later, the athlete went over to Westwood and was immediately accepted by UCLA.

The coach is now fairly certain he lost a walk-on so that a fake athlete could gain admission.



9 thoughts on “A College Admissions Scam Story

    1. Swann says he was “blindsided.” If that’s not an admission of guilt I don’t know what is. But Swanee is not self-aware enough to realize that.

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      1. Yeah —-as bad as it sounded, he was better off with his earlier “no comment”…..

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      1. But —as we’re always telling Owns —-it’s never really anybody’s first choice.

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    1. Probably but rest assured both hers and Singer’s testimony is going to be riveting as to how Singer found her ‘or’ who ‘referred’ him to Heinel. Someone ‘knew’ there was a real partnership that was waiting for the right co-conspirators.

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