Sunday Buzz: Some USC Reforms Will Take Longer Than Others

Did you see Dr. Dre posted on Instagram that his daughter got accepted to USC?

“My daughter got accepted into USC all on her own. No jail time!!!”

That comment was believed to be a pointed jab at the parents like Lori Laughlin who paid six figures to get their kids admitted into schools like USC. (UPDATE: It appears Dr. Dre has removed the post).

On the other hand, Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine donated $70 million to USC in 2013 and a building on campus bears his name.

Too bad Max Nikias isn’t around to high-five Dr. Dre over his daughter’s acceptance. Oh wait, he is still around as president emeritus.

I’ve not heard anyone in power address this issue of mega-booster donations and the role it plays in admissions. Remember, last week I said an athletic dept. official went to a trustee for help when their child did not get admitted.

Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely,” as the saying goes.

  • USC offered a scholarship to Narbonne defensive tackle Jordan Berry on Saturday. You might remember Berry committed to LSU last month.

By USC standards, this was known as an early offer.

  • USC baseball lost to Washington, 4-3, on Saturday. The Trojans are 8-13 overall and 2-3 in the Pac-12. Sam Barry, Rod Dedeaux and Mike Gillespie are not coaching at USC anymore. And Lynn Swann could care less.

30 thoughts on “Sunday Buzz: Some USC Reforms Will Take Longer Than Others

  1. USC baseball is a lost cause at this point. I hate to type it, but it is….USC football is a lost cause, USC basketball it too….what the heck is going on….Lynn Swann?

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    1. From our lips to gods ears Ray. Swann is well…..terrible and disrespectful in my opinion to the players, coaches, and students who have attended USC to have to except his way of handling the sports department. The days he should be at work like finding an Offensive Coordinator he’s out somewhere at a Golf fantasy camp. Even the smallest issues he’s made mistakes on.
      But I think we can wave goodbye to Dan Hubbs. Helton should follow with Swann by his side. I think Enfield has a better season next year. I don’t know when but change will be coming with better days. We’ll see.

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    2. Football Head Enfield has resorted to hiring blue chip recruit’s fathers to get top players to come to SC. He must go along with Swann, Hugs and Hubbs.

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  2. “I’ve not heard anyone in power address this issue of mega-booster donations and the role it plays in admissions.”….that’s because such will never fade away.

    How do you think Chelasea Clinton got into Stanford or Obama’s children into whatever school they want? Fame is as powerful as money esp. if you’re a ‘demoncrat’.

    The issue here was corrupting the admission system that 99% of the rest get in – not through a massive donation but: 1st generation college admission, academic prowess or athletic. Heinel is the one who made sure USC’s name will forever always be tied to this mess.

    Rather than demand we all see the Mueller Report how about we demand we see Singer sniveling and whining when they popped him and then his wringing his hands and begging for a deal? Love to see that as he ratted everyone else out.

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      1. Well, if you live in Southern California and follow college football, what other choice do you have? UCI -no team, LB State – no team, Chapman – no team, UCLA – no team. Duh…

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      2. Just Rent, he does not follow Thug U aka ruinville football. That is a clown school for pizza delivery majors and a clown team that call themselves a football team

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    1. The BOT won’t approve any reforms that won’t be in the BOT’s selfish interest. I don’t recall which one of you fellas/gals here posted that the BOT should be 10-20 dedicated and honest people, not the current 80. That comment is spot on.

      The faculty, staff and students who stood up to the BOT and demanded that Nikias be fired should be doing the exact same thing and demand the same of the BOT.

      We all know the timeline of the never-ending cluster f*** that the BOT has not only presided over, but has been part of.

      If Austin cares about SC, then she should hold a press conference and demand that the BOT – one that she was a part of – should resign, pronto, because they are a huge part of the problem. But that will never happen. Too much money is at stake.

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  3. Look (sigh)…. it happens at virtually every university worth going to. I know personally of two other local universities (none of the ones currently named) where a six figure handshake got a kid either enrolled or re-enrolled. Plus they miraculously got a reserved seat on an “massive ego is the only requirement” dysfunctioal as hell institutional level board!

    This dose of reality therapy cheerfully dolled out free of charge!

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  4. Pretty obvious not much will change until the new President gets in and makes some assessments on where the AD dept is at along with admissions.


  5. Let’s play rank the problems, which gets priority:

    Suit vs men’s health clinic (sexual harassment)

    Suit vs women’s health clinic (sexual assault/harassment)

    Suit vs Med School

    Title lX dept reorganizing and rehearing of cases

    Admissions scandal

    Athletic dept

    I’m sure I’m missing something here

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    1. At SC, the following is relatively small potatoes. It would be huge almost anywhere else.

      What is comical is that one of the top 25 universities in the country would appoint a person without a graduate degree as a “professor”

      “Sebastian Ridley-Thomas, the son of Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, resigned from the State Assembly last year and then became a professor of social work and public policy at the university, even though he lacked a graduate degree. The university also gave him a scholarship to seek a master’s degree. Also recently, Mark Ridley-Thomas gave $100,000 to the social work school at USC, but the funds ended up in the account of a nonprofit organization run by Sebastian Ridley-Thomas. Lawyers for both father and son denied that they had done anything wrong, or that the son, reportedly fired from his faculty job, got his faculty post inappropriately.”

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  6. Today’s Times cites an unnamed conspirator that spent $6.5 million for their child. The feds have declined to name that individual. Betting it’s not only someone well known but a demoncrat as well.

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    1. If you actually believe there’s a difference between the republican and democratic party and or either is actually working on behalf of their constituents or for their best interest…then you’re a complete idiot.


      1. Yeah kind of like ‘no difference btwn: Pelosi/Shumer/Waters/Cortez/Iman/Warren and the GOP’ right boyo? There’s a huge difference and the chasm only widens further each and every day.

        I think you’re the one who needs to take that aptitude test again and again and….

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      2. California under a republican governor ran budget deficits, under democrat governorship there is budget surplus.

        Neither side can be trusted on the local, state and federal level…they’re all corrupt working in their own best political interest.


  7. I give you ‘the bullet train’ and lest we forget average license fee for a 10 year old auto a mere $150 a year to make sure all those govt SEIU workers pensions are fully funded (esp large cities firemen) so they’ll keep voting for us demoncrats.


    1. I’m no fan of either party, but lets be real here…

      California Governor Jerry Brown took office in 2011 with a $27 billion deficit and drastically slashed spending.


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