LSU Steals Another Southern California Recruit

Narbonne defensive tackle Jordan Berry has committed to LSU, the second Southern California player from the Class of 2020 to commit to the Tigers in recent weeks.

Berry was offered by USC. He is currently a three-star recruit but I’m guessing Ed Orgeron knows how to evaluate defensive linemen.

Orgeron previously got a commitment from Mater Dei cornerback Elias Ricks, the top-ranked corner in the nation for 2020. It feels like Orgeron is getting whoever he wants from USC right now.


10 thoughts on “LSU Steals Another Southern California Recruit

  1. Het look everyone….another negative post with no real insight. If SC had signed the kid, Wolf would be crying about another 3 star. Your schtick is tired you sad little man.

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  2. Looks like Orgeron is taking who he pleases. Helton either has to stop the bleeding get them back or SC and Helton will lose more recruits and will be a joke and a mat to have oregeron wipe his feet on. Reminder, Orgeron takes no prisoners. How nice or incompetent will Helton be. We will find out

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  3. This just isn’t getting better, out recruited
    In your own backyard. Most of these kids grew up wanting to be a Trojan. Kids feel
    The coaching is subpar, won’t help me get to the NFL. O linemen are avoiding SC. Back in the day the top linemen wanted to play at SC . Not so much today. Good coaches who are also good recruiters aren’t coming to SC. In the past good ones were beating down the door. Something has to change. I am a die hard fan, but this is very discouraging. The new recruiting year is starting bad already.


  4. My guess is Ed is using his contacts he accumulated while working at USC to keep on top of talent. Elias Ricks is a Scion we should be recruiting until the last second. The thing about recruiting is that it’s work that never ends. Ed didn’t sit around in his hotel room watching I Love Lucy reruns.


  5. Helton is doing the best he can…. Give him the benefit of doubt! They didn’t extend him for nothing! He is a Rose Bowl and 10 win season coach!!



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