The Price Of Doing Nothing

I’ve said if USC makes a coaching change after the season, it can go after recruits who committed elsewhere.

But how many will it need to chase? Cornerback Elias Ricks and defensive tackle Jordan Berry committed to LSU. Safety Darion Green-Warren committed to Oklahoma. Calabasas five-star wide receiver Johnny Wilson and four-star wide receiver Jermaine Burton do not have USC in their top schools lists.

The hole USC is digging is getting deeper.

Here’s the real nightmare scenario: What if Lynn Swann keeps Clay Helton after this season? Then USC will have no chance at getting these blue-chips from Southern California.

Swann is killing USC. I can’t be clearer.


11 thoughts on “The Price Of Doing Nothing

  1. I don’t understand why Lynn Swann still has a job he must have something on his boss something REALLY big!!!! Because any other school would have fired him and Clay Helton. We are going to suck again this year. 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤


  2. My hunch is Lynn Swan is being told what to do by the interim president that board of trustees that consider football the least of their worries. If you want to take the conspiracy further, maybe they consider football such a male dominated sport, it needs to be put in its place.


    1. No…I think Swann hasn’t the balls to act anyway but what benefits his worthless clueless golf playing lib-tard ass. It’s also why USC is sinking under the weight of the LA Times working overtime to destroy it just look at their business section any say of the week and their two ‘in situ’ hippie socialist AOC loving asses Hiltzik and Lazarus That ‘former’ aerospace female executive, currently in charge of USC, is a godsend thanks to Rick Caruso ….

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  3. It’s just speculation, but with all of the issues with potential litigation that might run up into the tens of millions in the near and distant future at SC, that might be one of the reasons for the interim pres telling Swann (if she did) to hold off in terms of buying out Helton for the supposed $15 million. It’s beyond me why a buyout clause that lucrative was even entertained. If Helton was a Meyer or Saban, I might say the clause may have been appropriate. Since that’s not the case, it was a grave error in my opinion and SC will be paying the price in more ways than one.


    1. has someone actually seen the contract? hard to believe that is the actual buyout, and there were no performance clauses involved…


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