USC Morning Buzz: If You Can’t Recruit Southern California . . .

As I have noted, two of the top six players in the nation from the Class of 2020 are from Southern California and are currently not going to go to USC. Neither is the five-star receiver from Calabasas.

But maybe USC can make Hawaii a recruiting fortress. Defensive end Maceal Afaese of Kapolei, Hawaii, visited USC over the weekend. It’s early so his only offers are from Oregon, Arizona, Arizona State and Colorado.

USC signed three players from Hawaii in its 2019 recruiting class. But it lost offensive tackle Enokk Vimahi, who signed with Ohio State.

  • Here is a Lynn Swann quote from when he ran for governor of Pennsylvania.

“I think the people of Pennsylvania would rather have a governor who is committed to being there,” Swann said.

Why doesn’t he have that philosophy with being USC athletic director?

  • The Pac-12 might be a joke but here is an impressive fact: Oregon and Oregon State women’s basketball played Friday night before a sellout crowd of 12,364 at Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene. Then on Monday night, a crowd of 9,301 watched the two teams play at Gill Coliseum in Corvallis.

When is the last time USC men’s basketball drew two crowds like that back-to-back? During the Tim Floyd era?

  • If the Pac-12 Tournament were today, USC would play Arizona in the first round.

12 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: If You Can’t Recruit Southern California . . .

  1. Seriously? What else is there to do – in the middle of February – in a fairly isolated location down-state from the biggest city (Portland) on a Friday night than stay close and see a basketball game? Same holds for: Pullman-WA, Tucson-AZ, Laramie-WY, Las Cruces-NM, Boulder-CO, State College-PA, Manhattan-KS, Lincoln-NE, Fayetteville-AR, Waco-TX, Iowa City-IA, Lawrence-KS, Terre Haute-IN……..

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  2. Until USC gets a consistent winning product on the basketball floor this attendance trend will continue. This team is probably the most inconsistent team i have witnessed at USC.


    1. USC had great teams in the early 70’s and didn’t draw, it’s just not going to happen unless they start winning consistently for years and even then I’m skeptical people would show up


  3. I googled what people were saying about Lynn Swann when USC hired him as athletic director. And everyone except for Ronnie Lott, diplomatically said he would eventually fail …. lol 😂

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  4. Parents of the recruits in the 2020 class are upset with USC that schools like Washington, Utah, Oregon all send a group of staff members to check in on their kids and are insinuating that Bryce Young gets more attention and time than they do while all the other staffs are around then more.

    When is Helton yanked from this nightmare?


    1. Really? You mix your Wheaties with your mama’s toe jam! and you like it! If you don’t like it, why are you in here reading the great WOLF day after day after day?

      Now shut your piehole keep sniffing butt holes you puss licker!


      1. Teddy,

        It is okay, you can slink back into your cardboard box located on 4th Street and San Pedro along with your Night Train. You are done for the day. Don’t look at the sun, it might burn your bloodshot eyes.


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