USC Pictures Of The Night

In honor of Presidents’ Day, here are pictures of Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy visiting USC before the 1960 election.


10 thoughts on “USC Pictures Of The Night

    1. Nixon is a saint compared to Obuma who lied to the American public that health care would not cost the family anymore money, that the IRS was his personal SS pertaining to conservatives that spoke out, that guns were being run down to mexico, him enticing riots in Fergunson and Baltimore, him forcing Catholic orginizations to follow his doctrine and abort babies. Give me Nixon any day over Obuma.


      1. When the illegals ship the money home to Mexico through the mail or through Western Telegram, just take 50% of the money like the govt. does to me. That is fair.


  1. Teddy, Teddy, Teddy,

    You are funny. Calling me a racist. Since you don’t have any facts to back up your stupid claim that I am a racist, then you throw the race card out there. You funny man. BTW, bozo, I voted for Allen Keys in the primary back when Obuma was running.


      1. Not only blacks, but my best friend is Mexican whom I have known for 48 years you stupid piece of feces. Now, stop throwing the race card around you piece of no good bum Why is that pieces of trash like you or a liberturd always declare racisim, yet it is your stupid who are the racists.


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