E.J. Price Leaves Kentucky

Former USC offensive tackle E.J. Price, who started 10 games at Kentucky last season, has left the program to “pursue other opportunities,” according to a school spokesperson.

Price famously got suspended at USC after a game because he got in an argument with Clay Helton’s secretary. Some observers believed Price was in the right and didn’t start the argument but he never returned from the incident and ended up at Kentucky.


14 thoughts on “E.J. Price Leaves Kentucky

  1. Yet another revelation (thanks to SW). Price is yet another who may have been thrown out of the program for being (what?) provoked by another person (in this case Helton’s secretary)??? When does the punishment fit the crime at SC? Bubba B got into a purported verbal sparring with female athletes and he was thrown out of school for that? Boermeister ousted for, what, another case of social justice overkill? There is a sickness at SC and it is contagious. Too many cooks in the kitchen all trying to justify their Title 9 existence. Sick.

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    1. You’re probably right about the other guys —but you might wanna spend a bit of time studying the ups and downs of Price’s career at Kentucky before deciding USC didn’t do the right thing in bidding him adieu —-he sounds screwy.

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