Lynn Swann Books An Autograph Show

Lynn Swann will appear at the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly, Va., for an autograph show on March 30, according to CSA Shows, which produces shows on the East Coast.

At least now we know Swann will sign autographs . . . if he gets paid.

Don’t forget in April that Swann makes his annual trip to the Masters golf tournament as a member of Augusta National Golf Club. That trip can be 1-2 weeks in length. He also went to Augusta last month.

At some point, he will work for USC, where is believed to be paid millions per year. But since there is no oversight, no one really cares.

Maybe someone can shoot a memo to the Board of Trustees or interim president Wanda Austin.


20 thoughts on “Lynn Swann Books An Autograph Show

    1. I think we need to give Scott a bit of a break on this one. It’s kinda hard to be “all positive, all the time” when it comes to Swann.

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      1. You got that right Mike.

        He doesn’t mind all the criticism he’s brought on himself. Or he’s too locked into his own life and agenda as the AD to even care to realize that he’s helped make the Athletic Department worse than it was when he took the job.


  1. This guy is hustling his own Alma Mater and is doing it in front of their face.
    He’s collecting money to do nothing but destroy his schools Football program and fanbase, take vacations to play golf, and go make his dice game change somewhere in Virginia on the East Coast when lawsuits+the coliseum remodel+The diaper pile that is the 3 big boy sports are all needing his……..umm……umm….what does he have?…..ummm…..His broadcasting experience? Yeas!
    He has no A.D. experience. But we’ll need him and his broadcasting and sideline reporting skills back at Heritage Hall..

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    1. Someone stated, might have been you, that Steve Lopes is really the ‘acting AD’ – if true it might explain why Swann is elsewhere….but man at a minimum it would seem to be best to stay out of the ‘public view’ instead of being at ‘not working today golf tournaments’.

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      1. I posted that Steve Lopes is really the one in charge of the football program. When Haden left, he ceded control to Lopes. Lopes and now departed Mark Jackson worked closely with Haden when he was A.D. (They had significant input in pushing Haden to hire Sark).

        With Lopes in control in Heritage Hall, it is just a continuation of how Haden operated and meddled with the football program – having final say on who the assistants should be, how practices should be run and the over all direction of the program. Helton is basically just a yes man to Lopes. When an administrator has more control than the HC is when a team/program spirals downward (see John Elway with the Broncos now after firing Vance Joseph because Elway made all the decisions, even selecting all assistants).

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      2. I seen that also. It wasn’t me though. I’m just guessing here but Lopes has been at USC for many years and he couldn’t be this much involved to let it get this bad. That’s my opinion. Swann doesn’t have any kind of poker face. He’s bold and open about not being at his job when now is where he should be showing us that he is doing what it takes to get things on the right track but instead he’s proven to show that he’s lazy and will put his own needs first before clocking in at work. He has only made the case to be looked at as a man that is very much selfish and immature who has no buisness being in the AD chair.


    2. Spot on Sam. Does anyone remember Swann’s comments when first took the gig. He said things like “I’m not here to rock the boat” and “I know I’m not the smartest guy in the room”. It’s because he’s just a face man. Haden wasn’t fired he stepped down. It’s still the same group inside Heritage Hall and until that changes it’s only going to continue to get worse.

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      1. His first two interviews were kind of cold towards Helton as if he was gonna be there breathing down his neck. The interview he gave at the first spring game he was AD as and his appearance on The Colin Cowherd show were “I support Clay Helton” but…”We won’t settle for anything less of competing for championships”.

        He said the right stuff then.

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      2. So I take it you don’t expect to see Helton winning the the National Championship Game…… with Swann delivering a speech as he accepts the trophy…..


      3. Well ‘maybe’ Haden wasn’t fired but he also knew that Times report on his plundering of the Mayr Foundation was impending – he was aware they’d already made their initial inquiries in December of 2015 – there was no way he would have not been fired once that came out. He prudently stepped down with his ‘health’ as the cause.


    1. Wanda may not be appreciated at the moment, karma —-but, in fifty, or perhaps a hundred years, she will be remembered as the greatest president USC ever had.


      1. Oh, did I say 100 years?! I meant to say 1000 years.


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