No Autographs, Please

If you listened to my interview with Softy Mahler, I said Lynn Swann does not sign autographs.

Here is an encounter from a USC booster who attended the 2013 Rose Bowl luncheon where Swann was inducted into the hall of fame.

“I approached Swann and respectfully requested him to sign a picture since he is in it. So he barely acknowledges me and in a business-like manner says he does not sign, period. Off he goes. Swann also refused to sign for any former Tournament of Roses chairmen in attendance.”

Maybe this is why he can charge so much at autograph shows like this one.


30 thoughts on “No Autographs, Please

  1. If a significant department (athletics) within a major organization fails at a criminal level, then the person running that department can’t stay on. It just doesn’t work any other way, even if the head had no knowledge.

    Swann needs to resign. He can indicate that he had no knowledge of the bribes, but that the buck stops with him and therefore he is resigning. That would be the honorable decision.

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    1. 67 —Agreed! No reputable organization IN THE WORLD would keep Swann on under these circumstances. You can’t claim to be running the show (and get paid handsomely to run the show) when you’re not running the show. It’s that simple. Oh, and here’s a P. S. —-Swann doesn’t have to worry about being hounded for autographs anymore.

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    2. So 67, why is Andyain’twinning still employed by Clown U? Enfield’s Asst. HC, Tony Blanton, is busted by the Feds for participating in $$$$ for recruiting scam. Months later, Blanton pleads guilty to multiple felonies stemming from the recruiting scam.

      But, and this is Clown U rich 67, Andyain’twinning claimed he didn’t know squat about Blanton’s scam participation and gets a Clown U pass! Weren’t Blanton actions on behalf of the bozo BB program Enfield’s supervisorial responsibility?

      So, if Swann makes the same Andyain’twinning claim, why should Swann fall on his sword because you 67 are pissed off and indignant?


      1. owns, according to your logic, then John Wooden should have resigned – he certainly knew about Sam Gilbert, who made bruin basketball “special” year after year.

        What would you say was the biggest violation by Gilbert? Paying for abortions for the girlfriends of bruin basketball players, co-signing on car loans for players, scalping player tickets…many to choose from. “Papa Sam” was one heck of a bruin booster!

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      1. I used to hang out in the “Phil Zone” up in Winterland but moved to upstairs with a better view of the whole band. What a glorious time from 72-74 at Winterland. Have you read Joel Selvins book on the Fare Thee Well get together.? Not at all complimentary on Phil and his wife Jill. Once Jerry passed on, the scene was not the same. John Mayer is great, but he ain’t Jerry!,

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      2. Did you listen to the Stagger Lee? Fabulous Jerry jam bouncing off Weir. Great Jack Straw. You know, I will be 71 in two weeks and 95% of the music I 👂 is the good ole Gratefil Dead!,

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  2. Alternative theory: Lynn Swann is functionally illiterate. He doesn’t sign because he can barely scribble his name.
    I worked at Compton Community College in the 90s. The Vice President of the college was unable to read. He was a bully but he also had the head librarian read all correspondence for him. The President at that school was a former Olympic athlete whose accomplishment for being school president was the famous black power salute he thrust into the air. He too had very little educational acumen. I bring this up because I was told they held their position because of who they were, not how they were qualified.
    Many people of Swann’s age have advanced due their personality rather than their education.

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  3. Yo 67 writes an obtuse, stupid response to my previous comment.

    “owns, according to your logic, then John Wooden should have resigned – he certainly knew about Sam Gilbert, who made bruin basketball “special” year after year.

    What would you say was the biggest violation by Gilbert? Paying for abortions for the girlfriends of bruin basketball players, co-signing on car loans for players, scalping player tickets…many to choose from. “Papa Sam” was one heck of a bruin booster!”
    67, I bet you drive like a 16 year-old chick.

    1) Nobody ever called Wooden incompetent. Incompetent is a word reserved strictly Clown U Alumni.

    2) As far as I know 67, none of Wooden’s Asst. Coaches were ever busted by the FBI for recruiting scams.

    3) As far as I know 67, during Wooden’s tenure, UCLA was never involved in an organized, University-wide (i.e. like Clown U), to admit unqualified students to UCLA for $$$ profit, using campus NCAA Athletic programs as the funnel.

    4) As far as I know 67, Sam Gilbert never suited up and started a UCLA BB game. So 67, to whine about the unsubstantiated charges regarding Gilbert’s influence on the UCLA BB team is ridiculous. The NCAA didn’t think so, so why should you. Clown U is hardly in a position to whine. As if all those bozo football greats didn’t receive illegal cash and perks from the bozo FB program and Fat Cat boosters.

    5) Finally 67, back to my original question, why is Andyain’twinning still employed by Clown U?


    1. You stupid rear end of a horse….the peckerwood was completely protected by: ncaa, LA Times, LA Herald-Examiner, SI, Pac-8, CBS in other words ‘the peckerwood’ is what has always passed for a ‘demoncrat’….never matters what a ‘demoncrat’ does only what the other side does (republican etc.)

      The peckerwood…as gutless as they come and there was his ‘massah’ Sam holding the quivering mess of nerves on a leash….Rose got a chair named after her ‘tenure’ while Sam checked out a mere 4 days before the Federal So. Dist Ct in Miami indicted his violent back end…his goofy son took the full hit instead and ‘the peckerwood’? Well come on when did he ever play the man?

      “I have a clear conscience.” Yeah everyone was either dead or silenced by the 4th estate.


      1. That’s In the opinion of an incoherent, two-bit, jesus is my savior hypocrite/smelly f**k’g, filthy dipsomaniac.

        Commie Lush, you vodka soaked twat, when you present actual evidence of your psychotic Wooden rant, like the irrefutable evidence that lead to the arrest Clown U’s nefarious admittance for cash organization, I’ll consider your UCLA penny-ante claims.



      2. Poor Owns, you left wing ACO supporting junior college dropout. I bet you think Beto is the way to go don’t you? While USC certainly has its issues, you can never comes to grips with UCLA’s. Your failure to admit that Wooden was a cheat with Gilbert totally discredits you from any intellectual conversation. Your comment “was Jesus a bastard” is something I hope that you remember when your days are at an end. On your deathbed Owns, please repeat after me, “Jesus was a bastard.” 😉

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    2. Just Rent

      To answer #2, the football team exploited Billy Joe Jackson who could not read or write. He went to ugly though. Ugly did profit off of him

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  4. Memo to the missing link:

    In your opinion. You Wooden/Gibert weiners have zero evidence supporting your half-baked claims.

    Wooden 10 NC’s

    Bozo u 000000000000000000forever.


    1. You are intellectually bankrupt for not accepting the proven fact that Gilbert was a large part of Woodens success. Read Walton’s book, the LA Times article etc. your indignant stand the Wooden was some sort of saint, (good coach I will give you that) shows that your thinking is bankrupt and w/o merit. Shit happens, even to JW.

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    1. According to Blocks statement:

      “UCLA’s men’s soccer head coach, Jorge Salcedo, was named in the indictment and immediately placed on leave pending a review by the university. An employee of Geffen Academy was also named in the indictment, but not in connection with her duties at UCLA, and similarly placed on leave.”

      So, yes Mr. Weller, until I hear or read contradictory evidence to Block’s statement.


      1. You keep forgetting the illustrious ‘92 ruin grad or should I say gladhand Vavic. Of course that’s what responsible people would call lying by omitting. But honestly owns, what bothers you most is the fact that all the soccer coach got was $32.50 and an el rey’s burrito.


        Btw, you stupid dolt, you and yo momma still suck.


      2. See? You are a hater with class. That’s why I occasionally agree with you. Especially when you call USC a clown 🤡 college. I don’t like it but the truth is the truth.


  5. I’d be interested to know WHY Swann needs to sign autographs for money. I think if anyone looked deeper it would reveal a sad money trail. Someone living beyond their means, debt, etc.

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    1. There were 300 fbi and irs agents involved in this investigation…I’m sure money trail was a well worn topic. Obviously.


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