How Many Legit Athletes Never Got Into USC?

I spoke to a USC coach and asked them to go back and see how many athletes were denied admission by Donna Heinel?

The coach said 8-10 athletes were denied by Heinel through last year and that at least three might have been denied to open spots for those admitted under the scam run by William “Rick” Singer and Heinel.

That can really affect certain sports, especially baseball where only 11.7 scholarships are given out. Imagine losing 3-5 players who might be good enough to start or contribute?


8 thoughts on “How Many Legit Athletes Never Got Into USC?

  1. Haden was the one who promoted her. She ran a personal ‘rah rah’ site for profit as recently as last Autumn at the Galen Center. It is going to be a story on how Singer ‘found’ this female dog and it will also go a long way as to why the corruption at USC was the worst of all….an assistant athletic director whose job was to ‘prepare/present’ prospective scholarship athletes for admittance.

    Thanks Haden another great hire by you and this one was truly a ‘progressive’ LGBQT certified black widow.

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      1. Nah – he’s broken off our engagement he’s now addicted to 67′ and pud.

        Heinlen should be ‘must watch tv’ once they get her ‘Helen Reddy’ back end in the witness box


  2. Follow-up wonder who Nikias has been meeting with since this volcano erupted? Haden for one – they’ve got to get their stories straight or maybe their respective ‘counsel’ has told them separately to avoid each other….Stay tuned for Heinel to play the victim and start throwin it at the water polo coach….

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  3. Maybe one of those baseball players can sue Heinel and/or USC for $500 BILLION as that idiot teacher Jennifer Kay Toy from Oakland is doing on behalf of her son whose application was denied from a number of those schools.


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  4. The school is losing prestige, credibility and honor. However until the accreditation is attacked there is nothing to win by suing the school. Basically those who are trying to take a shortcut to the repayment of student loans should have a rough road to proving the merits of their case.

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  5. Have you wondered why those gaudy Ivy League schools are never mentioned in this type of admission scandal? Do you think they’re completely not guilty and there have never been any “illegal” admissions in exchange of money and fame? Really? How many people-in-the-know would believe it?

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