USC’s Early 2020 Recruiting Looks Like 2019

Defensive end Sav’ell Smalls of Seattle just named his top 12 schools: Alabama, Florida, Miami, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Washington, Clemson, Florida State and Washington State.

Where is USC? Didn’t make the cut.

Why does it matter? Smalls is the No. 6-ranked player in the nation by Rivals and No. 1 defensive end.

The No. 1-ranked player in 2020 is quarterback D.J. Uiagalelei of St. John Bosco, who does not have USC in his final seven.

The No. 4-ranked player in 2020 is cornerback Elias Ricks of Mater Dei and he is committed to LSU.

Only the No. 3-ranked player, linebacker Justin Flowe of Upland, seems interested in USC.

Maybe all this will change when USC hires a new coach.


13 thoughts on “USC’s Early 2020 Recruiting Looks Like 2019

  1. I have to tell you I was almost certain Helton would be fired and and a new coach would be hired, but wasn’t positive with the rumors he might still keep his job. When SC lost to UGLY, I knew it was a done deal. Just a matter of when. The Monday after or the Monday after ND. It is still unbelievable to me that we are in this situation. A year wasted!

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  2. Up until this recruiting cycle, if you offered up the prior Helton recruiting classes to other upper echelon programs, the line would be around the block.

    How many of the kids you mentioned above have committed? Zero.

    We literally just hired the coaches those kids would play for.

    This whole hissy-fit panic mode is frankly embarrassing. It’s U S C people. Get a grip.

    Good Gawd.

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    1. 83, a lot of us were disappointed that Helton stayed on, frankly. However, now that he is the coach- still the coach- I hope he kills it this year. If he kills it, then SC football is doing well. Period.

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      1. I join with you in your hopes for this year, brother Artuto…..
        But, with regard to your last full sentence, the operative word is “if.”

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      2. Right on, MG. If… Of course while most college football teams show the most improvement between the 1st and 2nd week, I hope you are wrong about the Fresno St. opener. FSU, I read somewhere, lost a ton of Seniors so they won’t test SC like they would’ve in ‘18. Have a great night, my good man.


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      3. Arturo –Here’s what I’m HOPING to read tonight —“Puka decides on UCLA —but has decided to forego football in favor of ballet”


      4. UPDATE: Puka’s announcement has been delayed —he couldn’t get to studio on time due to snowy road conditions. Seriously.


    1. Well, at least we’ll get a chance to visit with him this year on September 28th…


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