Former USC Football Player Ron Miller Dies

Ron Miller, who lettered as a USC football player in 1951-53, died Saturday. He was 85.

Miller was better known as the son-in-law of Walt Disney and was Disney president from 1978-83 and then CEO from 1983-84.

In 1953, a friend set Miller up on a blind date with fellow USC student Diane Disney. They got married in 1954 and remained married for 56 years until her death in 2013.

After he played at USC, Miller played seven games with the Los Angeles Rams.

My father-in-law saw me play in two football games when I was with the L.A. Rams,” Miller said. “In one of them, I caught a pass and Dick ‘Night Train’ Lane let me have it from the rear. His forearm came across my nose and knocked me unconscious. I woke up in about the third quarter. At the end of the season, Walt came up to me and said, ‘You know, I don’t want to be the father to your children. You’re going to die out there. How about coming to work with me?’

I did and it was a wise decision on my part. I’m really very proud of having been a professional athlete. I think it teaches you to be competitive, to accept challenges and to see things through. I realize the image some people have of jocks, but I think that certainly has changed over the years.


12 thoughts on “Former USC Football Player Ron Miller Dies

      1. Owns don’t comment on anything USC. Start chastising the stinkin’
        ‘ruins on their pathetic blogs. Your a real putz!


  1. I worked for Ron Miller at Disney when he was President. Good Man. Not the sharpest president for a studio but a good person to work for. He and his wife made a good team together.


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