USC Morning Buzz: What Will Clay Helton Say About Puka Nacua?

What will Clay Helton say if wide receiver Puka Nacua commits to another school tonight?

“I can say this about him, he loved his time here at USC. He loved his teammates. The personal relationship I’ll have with that young man will be for a lifetime with him and his family . . . It ended on really, really good times and that relationship will last a lifetime.”

That was what he said about Bru McCoy. Imagine being that close to McCoy and the wide receiver needed only 10 days to realize he needed to flee USC.


6 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: What Will Clay Helton Say About Puka Nacua?

  1. Evidently, Scott didn’t see today’s New York Times. According to “unnamed sources” an L. A. Law firm (also unnamed) has, in the last 6 weeks, gone from a meager team of 3 to well over 190 attorneys simply drawing up De-Commitment documents [and accompanying statements] for USC football recruits. Clay is cooperating with the firm by parroting, word for word, the statements made by the departing players. Both sides will say it has been wonderful meeting USC’s Head Coach, but in view of what Clay said and the way he said it and the way he acted, the best course for the player’s future is in another program —any other program. Both sides will declare a bond that will last forever and wish each other luck.

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    1. Agree! Move on, Fight on! I think someday he’ll regret not going to USC. Its a better school academically than Washington and a world-wide alumni network that Washington can only dream about.


  2. Both Swan and Helton need to go. SC not only is losing current players, but 4/5 star recruits ARE NOT COMING AS THEY ONCE DID. ITS simple, Helton is a politican and CAN NOT ADMIT HIS MISTAKES AND SHORT COMINGS. He blames and fires everyone else and AD swan DOSENT have the GUTS to fire him, since it proves he to is a idiot. You want to win, two names, Urban Meyers or Pete Carrol…otherwise enjoy losing games and $$$$$$


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