Is This Clay Helton Getting Heckled?

Here is the video of Clay Helton being interviewed Wednesday night on the “Trojans Live” radio show.

Skip forward to the final 20 seconds and you can hear some voices in the background that don’t sound friendly.


11 thoughts on “Is This Clay Helton Getting Heckled?

    1. What are you talking about Rey Rey??? He is the best coach southern cal has had in it’s history!!

      Sign Helton, Swann and Pendergast to life time contract RIGHT NOW!!

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      1. Owns, come on. Don’t troll this year. Your boys are the definition of bungling loss. The are essentially the same team we are. Talented team who don’t play defense and greatly underachieve.

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  1. Memo to Brumby:

    Point taken. and I can’t remember when I praised the pathetic BB Bruins on this blog. However, with the exception of this year, UCLA has far less history of blowing 22 point leads than Andyaintwinning.

    I think it’s fair to say both BB teams are running neck and neck, 35 lengths behind Washinton.

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