Puka Nacua Announcement Set

Four-star wide receiver Puka Nacua, who was committed to USC, will announce his college decision Sunday at 9:45 p.m. He will choose between Utah, USC, UCLA, Oregon, Washington and BYU.

The current feeling is USC dropped below Washington and Oregon but Utah probably is also in the mix as the local favorite.

If he doesn’t pick USC, it will be the final blow to an underwhelming recruiting class.

Thanks, Helton!


20 thoughts on “Puka Nacua Announcement Set

    1. 9:45 Sunday?! The last episode of “Counterparts” will on Starz! [Personally, I’m betting that all the guys from the “other side ” will be tricking their counterparts’ wives into bed —– when the dust settles, I foresee a string of Bill Cosby-like criminal trials—- didn’t mean to spoil the last show for anyone]……

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  1. What should we do about Puka Fred?

    I mean, if Puka walks, is sitting down and shutting up really gonna cut it?

    Is there anything else we can or can’t do? What about eating? We could put the breaks on that.

    Showers. We could shitcan personal hygiene.

    I know it’s a nuance, but gesturing is a sneaky way of talking. We can certainly ban gesturing.

    Whaddaya think Fred?

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    1. Crap, I’m so glad somebody picked up on the non -verbal loophole, 83. If you hadn’t pointed it out, I wouldn’t put it past our fanboy population to start posting videos as a cheap & easy way of getting around the prohibition.

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    2. Well if we did get Puka, he’d bitch over the fact we got another receiver. No matter how it goes…he’s been following scottie so long its only natural, he plays both sides..

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      1. Utah 69 – Clown U 65…..Shiiiiit, Andyain’twinning at home or away.

        Let’s see PUS: 69 – 65 = 14 point licking, at the Barn, in front of a paid attendance of 238 bozo BB fans.

        PUS, how about them bozos ballers?


  2. Pretty soon Puka (pronounced puke ah), will only be known as the noise one makes running through the mud wearing high heals.
    USC does not need anyone who isn’t 100% sure he wants to play for them.
    So when this person with a noise for a name picks Washington over USC just remember he’ll be forgotten before the noise dies down.

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  3. Owns you shit! How do you like those crap ass ‘ruins blowing a 22 pt. lead in the 2nd half and losing at the buzzer. White boy beats you w/
    long three. 5 – 6 in weak conf. losing twice at home. How sweet it is!
    Your homer time keeper fell asleep at the table.

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  4. Enfield was his usual inept coach once again. Forgot about Nick Raco
    at the end. Thornton shoots like a wimp, no wonder Duke threw him overboard after one season. Fire Andy Now and his whole staff.

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