Don’t Believe Recruiting Rationalizations

With a worse-than-usual recruiting class, some fans and media have taken the angle that it is better to have three-star recruits because they will be more motivated than five-star recruits.

Here’s a question: If Clay Helton cannot develop a five star, how will he develop a three star?

How much more motivated have the three-star recruits been that USC got in the past? Keyshawn Young was a three-star wide receiver. He bounced between cornerback and wide receiver and hasn’t played much. Three four-star wide receivers (Randal Grimes, Josh Imatorbhebhe, Trevon Sidney) recently transferred out.

None of the four players developed no matter the star ranking.

You know why it hurts when USC doesn’t get a five star or more four stars? Because players often have to develop themselves at USC and it’s easier if you are JuJu Smith-Shuster, who had to overcome Helton too and really flourished once he got away from him.


34 thoughts on “Don’t Believe Recruiting Rationalizations

  1. Scott named a bunch of 3 Star WRs, not a ton of the 3 stars that have done well (Nwosu, Martin, K Ellison, Mike Williams, Ryan Khalil, Deontay Burnett, Rhett Ellison etc,). Reign of Troy even did a 25 best 3 star recruits at SC. SW, do your HW.

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    1. Only Nwosu and Burnett on your list played under Helton.

      Helton doesn’t help guys succeed. Listing the other three stars who didn’t play under him is no way to measure Helton as a coach.


    2. Hey “leaky butthole” just shut your piehole and make sure you fully cook that carnitas before you make me that taco.

      Wash your hands too pinche puto!!


  2. The recruiting wars speak for themselves, take a look at the top schools who repeatedly win on letter of intent day, then look whose finishes in the top 5 every year . It’s that simple, so USC fan boys need to have a seat, and shut up 🤐


    1. Yes, the recruiting results do indeed speak for themselves. I don’t see any fanboys on the site. My sense is that everyone here has a realistic view of what is going on with SC football, and what ultimately needs to be done to make the team competitive with top programs.

      I think that people communicate that in different ways, and that some posters here are more critical of Scott Wolf than others, not about Wolf’s critiques of Helton and Swann, but rather that Wolf keeps presenting the same information over and over again (e.g. Kliff Kingsbury ad infinitum, Swann on the golf course ad infinitum, the decommit of Bru McCoy as infinitum), rather than presenting new information or insights. Some posters have shown that Wolf’s posts are often incomplete, or are wrong.

      My two cents is that nothing will change until there is a new president, and only if the new president is committed to restoring SC’s football tradition. I don’t see the interim president doing anything with athletics. She has already stirred up a hornet’s nest in firing the B-school dean, and after that I suspect she will leave any other major decisions to the next president.

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      1. Nice comment, 67. By the way, this is the second time I’ve been included in a large group told to “shut up.” The last time was when Hawaii’s Senator Hirono told all men who didn’t believe Dr. Ford to “step up and shut up.”


      2. Toejam 67 quote:

        “My two cents is that nothing will change until there is a new president, and only if the new president is committed to restoring SC’s football tradition.”

        ****Even though Chernobyl U has taken direct hits to its University reputation. The Nikias effect on SUCC University is malignant, similar to Hugo Chavez’s effect on Venezuela. Clown U is a flushed vortex of ugly scandal, PP mismanagement, PC apathy, copious lawsuits, all conducted by the Fat Cat, Keystone Cop BOT. In short, a dumpster fire.

        But you 67, the bozo, rah-rah hambone, loudly demand the SUCCX FB program be lifted back on its successful track, as Clown U teeters on the edge of its precious University accreditation.

        Perhaps 67, if you sacrifice your first born on a pyre of old SUCCX FB programs and posters, and hit your head real hard 37 times with a baleen hammer, maybe, just maybe, the SUCCX pixie of FB SUCCess will grant the bozo FB team a 4 – 8, 2019 season.


      3. My Dear Owns — I worked for a City Attorney who liked to spend [almost] all his time sitting in his office reading Ezra Pound poetry [and looking at the red hawks that flew around outside his window]. He could take or leave the hawks, but after a while you could see that Pound was getting to him. He got into this thing where he needed to go on television and talk about the “growing vortex of gang violence in Los Angeles.” He also was concerned about the “burgeoning vortex of domestic violence.” He might have complained about the vortex of noon patrons at Phillipe’s French Dip—but I can’t remember for sure. Anyway, I was kinda hoping I’d never have to worry about vortexes again —–and, now, you’re telling me there’s one brewing at my Alma Mater.


    2. I cannot thank you enough, Fred. I will sit down and shut up this instant.

      All of us here vastly under-appreciate your omnipotent football acumen and clear headed leadership.

      Truly humbled by your presence.


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      1. “Accidents” can happen to anyone, Arturo. I felt so sorry after Canelo Alverez ate that “tainted meat” that made him 3 times stronger. Poor guy. You never know when human growth hormone is gonna show up in a hamburger.

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      2. MG- This is why I like your comments: Unlike Racist Ted, who would’ve just said tainted meat in his tacos- you navigated that beautifully and were considerate at the same time.

        I can- because I’m part of the club- say it, it was his carne asada- which may or may not have been in a taco- that was tainted. Unfortunately, that same tainted meat hasn’t done much for my fitness level.


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  3. There was no hot seat factor until now. I’m talking about white-hot bun scorching kinda heat. The entire coaching staff and the AD are acutely aware that their gravy train is seriously in peril.

    Does the above instill a greater sense of urgency and focus? Absolutely. Will it translate into across the board improvement? Not at all sure of that.

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      1. “Like button!”

        MG — ha!! Between this hashtag and your Sen. Hirono comment (don’t get me going..) you deserve one of those tropical drinks!

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      2. 67 —I was listening to Hirono’s live press conference when she made that helpful comment. When she said “Listen up, men!”, I cupped my ear to the television. When she said “Stand Up…”, I stood up —and when she said “…Shut up!”, I flipped her [and the television] off and went for a nice walk on the beach.


  4. Mikey say:

    “Accidents” can happen to anyone, Arturo. I felt so sorry after Canelo Alverez ate that “tainted meat” that made him 3 times stronger. Poor guy. You never know when human growth hormone is gonna show up in a hamburger.
    Or, Mikey, a “Tibone Cocktail.”

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    1. GT, thank you for the breezy bozo advice.

      I make no excuses for UCLA’s BB disaster. I’m just glad Bartow will not be in the mix from which the next Bruin head coach is selected.

      FYI, GT, neither the Bruins or the SUCCX will be invited to “the Dance.”


  5. By the time I make it through all the rancor down to where I am supposed to comment I have forgotten the original post point.
    Oh yeah can Helton develop players? Facts don’t lie Helton has not developed any one player to his full potential. I doubt that this will change. Clay is a picker of leaders. Once in a while he gets it right but most of the time he’s so wrong it hurts. Take Toa for instance outside of a couple of drive killing overhead snaps per quarter he was the best player on the team. As much as I liked Daniels as a potential leader I was proven wrong. Everybody saw that he wasn’t the right man for the job after he was replaced due to injury. While I applaud the sentiment that injuries does cause a loss of job. Helton only applied this rule to his favorite player. Carr was hurt and we ne never saw him return in a significant role. Coaches have to make the hard decisions for the sake of the team. Helton should have benched the above mentioned players, but he never got the nerve up to do the right thing.


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