Morning Buzz: USC Athletic Dept. Needs Charity

There was a charitable aspect to Lynn Swann’s trip to Pebble Beach. He competed in the Chevron Shoot-out, which donated a total of $100,000 to the charities chosen by the participants. For example, Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers donated his winnings to the North Valley Community Foundation, where he has a foundation to benefit victims of the the Camp Fire in Butte County.

Swann and his partner, Davis Love III, split their total winnings of $10,000.

So where did Swann’s $5,000 go? According to the Pebble Beach Pro-Am, Swann’s charity was the “University of Southern California Athletic Department.”

Now you could argue the athletic dept. is in need of some serious help under Swann but wouldn’t it have been better to donate $5,000 to help some fire victims or maybe some charitable organization near USC?

If Swann read this item, he would probably roll his eyes because $5,000 doesn’t mean much to a millionaire who paid $3.08 million for a house in Hancock Park two years ago.


26 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Athletic Dept. Needs Charity

    1. Ha! Swann would probably be doing himself a favor by directing all prize money into Scott’s savings account. Over the last 2 years I’ve seen more and more sites regurgitate Scott’s criticisms —-maybe it would be easier just to co-op him.

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      1. I say let Clay stay for the fun part of the schedule (right thru the Notre Dame game). Let Harrell be the hero who runs the table thru the back six.


  1. The five grand donation was a nice gesture by Swann. A better gesture would have been his resignation concomitant with the termination of Helton. Is that a mean thing to think and say about the undynamic duo?

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  2. So in essence Swann has reimbursed the school for missing school functions. One of these days he’s going to get fired and because the board has overlooked so many gaffes he will be able to sue. They are tacitly implying his actions are within guidelines of the position.

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    1. Something tells me that Swann will do something new and unexpected, something that is not tacitly approved, something far outside the guidelines of the position and…perhaps….outside the commonly understood principles of western civilization…..

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      1. Ha! [The undeniably sad thing, drjess, is that doing something outside commonly accepted norms is not precedent setting at USC anymore]……

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  3. That $5000 will trinkle down into Lynn Swanns corporate spending account.. lol 😂
    I wish I was paid $1.3 million annually for making bone headed decisions on a job I wasn’t qualified for 😃

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    1. Hey Fred: It would be interesting to see a comparative analysis of salaries for Athletic Directors in both private and public institutions of higher education. Moreover, it should be published for all qualified AD’s to peruse-especially the ones who have a “pair” like the one in Washington. And you never know, SC might get a DYNAMIC AD subsequent to Swann completing his tenure. When that transpires, there won’t be anything for us to bitch and moan about on this blog (Lol)…

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      1. As long as you, Fred, Pasadena, Alv and me are alive —there will ALWAYS be something to bitch about, drjess.

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