Puka Nacua Commits To Washington

Thank God it’s over. I’m tired of hearing about wide receiver Puka Nacua’s recruiting decision.

After delaying his decision because of snow storms in Utah on Sunday night, Nacua finally announced he would commit to Washington.

He was originally committed to USC until he saw what a mess the Trojans’ program has become and switched to the Huskies, which was his final visit. Anyways, Nacua is the final thud in USC’s recruiting class.

Isn’t amazing a wide receiver committed to USC doesn’t want to play in an Air Raid offense run by Graham Harrell?

The fans and peanut gallery pundits all say it’s going to be the greatest offense ever so why wouldn’t Nacua come?

Nacua must really see something wrong . . . like Bru McCoy did.


14 thoughts on “Puka Nacua Commits To Washington

  1. Puka is going to be singing a different song when #1 ranked & unbeaten USC meets Washington on September 28th…


    1. Nacua runs a 4.6 forty and is a possession receiver. He does not have the muscular build to hold up at the college level. If I were him I would red shirt a year.


  2. In 2016 USC had a losing record in the first few games due to poor coaching decision to go with coach’s pet Max Brown over Sam Darnold. It was the players themselves who turned this around by holding a team meeting and, of course, Darnold became QB. They won like 9 games in a row. Last year the team was demoralized right from the get go due to a series of compound poor coaching and player selections and season-ending injuries (as well as knowing they had a target on their backs by PAC 12 refs that other teams did not). But what will the players do this year (possibly in spite of poor head coaching but with a high flying offense and offensive coach)?

    Their attack defense (suited to stop running QB’s in the PAC 12 (Oregon, AZ State, UCLA) is not suited for playing Stanford, Washington, or other conventional offense teams. They need to find a way to switch from attack in one game to containment in another. Justin Wilcox had success in the PAC 12 last year with his containment defense. I haven’t heard anything about the defense but something must also be changed there also if the players are going to gain confidence they can beat their opposition (despite the same head coach).

    And what, pray tell, is being done to stop the opposing defenses from constantly pulling off a tactic of delaying at the line of scrimmage to fake SC’s offensive line out, and then rushing the QB? This has been a constant problem with the O-line since way back in 2015 when they faced Wisconsin in a bowl game. I have heard nothing about addressing this specific issue (which is a coaching issue). Since 2015 every team has known this is how to thwart SC’s offense. Instead all we hear are glittering generalities and cliches about culture and discipline. Words, words, words. What is being done to fix this if it isn’t even being discussed? Is this problem being addressed in practices and spring ball? If takes the fans to have to bring this to the attention it requires? Get Tim Drevno in an interview and ask him. He’s smart and is in charge of the O-line this year. Helton will just provide word bromides and dismiss critics. Play some videos of plays where this happened and ask what is being done to fix it. Also pick a starting center that can pick up when teams are pulling such deceptive defensive stunts (not some center who can’t even snap the ball).

    I can also think of several critical plays last year that turned games entirely around because of some aggressive, but unthinking, action of a player. JD Daniels decided to slide but ended up short of the first down marker in a critical running play where first down was needed against Notre Dame or UCLA. Talanoa Hufanga tried to show off and block a punt against Texas resulting in a penalty and turnaround of the game (on a play where it would have been best to let the punter get the ball off given deep field position).


    1. I can think of one more. Mr. Marshall’s unsportsmanlike conduct that allowed CAL to win. That one game, had SC won, would have allowed SC to qualify for a Bowl & a minimum of $1 million pay date. Everyone, Alums, potential recruits, parents, CAL fans, who watched the game saw it. A player that was poorly coached. No excuses.


      1. Cal75,

        It was not that one play that helped Cal win. It was the indiscipline coaching that have allowed players to mouth off while not progressing when playing d. I blame the coaches. Jack Jones flapped his gums while playing, same with Marshall. In the old days, players used to line up and make the play and get back in the huddle like nothing happened. Now, it is all about me syndrome


      2. PT,
        I only played one yr-the last year of freshman ball. I cannot express in words just how undisciplined the SC sideline looks to me. 47 years ago, the upper classman asst’s would pick a freshman up by the throat & you would literally shit your pants before they put you down. We had a lineman from the farm who was a USMC before he played with Plunkett & was with us as an asst before he went on to GREEN Bay. I played a little practical joke on the sidelines & got caught. I only did that move once, lol.
        Looks to me that SC Staff has lost control of the team. Maybe they(staff) need more of a mean streak. Helton is not the right man to coach superior athletes at SC. Thats why the PAC loves him.



  3. I don’t want come off sounding as a know it all because that’s not my intention at all but USC will feel the loss of Nacua in some way. He was the #1 player in Utah, the MVP of the Polynesian All American game, played well in the Army AA game, and had some great catches that were highlighted all season long with one being on ESPN for a few days. He wanted to be a Trojan probably more than any recruit this year and his mother was wise enough to se we were in the ground already and the dirt was showering next.
    I hope he does well.
    Blame Lynn and Clay.


  4. USC knew they lost Nacua when he didn’t sign last week. Wish him the best, hope Puca makes it to the NFL. But if he doesn’t, he may regret not playing for the Trojans. USC offers a much better academic program than Washington and with its world-wide Alumni network, its second to none


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