USC Makes A Staff Hire

USC has hired Kelsea Winkle as its on-campus director of recruitment.

She comes from Colorado State, where she was intern and then eventually became director of recruiting at the Fort Collins, Colo., university. Winkle replaces Alex Rios, who departed in September.

If you want to be entertained, check out how some of the USC recruiting sites are treating this like it’s major news. This is what happens during a slow part of the offseason.

In a bit of irony, UCLA’s director of on-campus recruitment, Emily Laff, is also from Colorado State. Who knew Colorado State was the hotbed for on-campus directors.


5 thoughts on “USC Makes A Staff Hire

  1. What does she know about recruiting? I can see it now,

    Helton: How is the progress for that five star linemen that we desperately need?
    Kelsea: I stop recruiting him.
    Helton: Why?
    Kelsea: I believe we need the two wider receiver from Timbuck two high instead.
    Helton: Why?
    Kelsea: Because he is cuter and looks great in workout clothes.
    Helton: Okay, I like your decision.

    This is one job where Political Correctness can destroy a football program.


  2. So when the new recruiting director Kelsea Winkle meets up with a promising prospect for SC that may be a 4 or 5 star athlete; and there’s some interest shown by the player, what will Winkke say when the prospect proclaims: “I’ll play football at SC, but I am not into and won’t partake in any of that “neck-hugging” bullshit…


  3. What does she know about big time football? Or better yet, what does Helton know about big time football and why did he hire her since she does not have the credentials to back up her position. Sheesh.


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