Bennie Boatwright Sets USC Record With 10 3-Pointers

USC forward Bennie Boatwright scored a career-high 36 points in the Trojans’ 89-66 victory over Cal. Boatwright tied a Pac-12 record with 10 3-pointers, which set a USC record.

The previous record of nine was held by Anthony Pendleton and Katin Reinhardt.

Too bad Boatwright didn’t make one of those Thursday or USC would have beaten Stanford. But that was against Stanford. Not lowly Cal, the worst team in the Pac-12 and owner of back-to-back 20-loss seasons in school history.

7 thoughts on “Bennie Boatwright Sets USC Record With 10 3-Pointers

  1. I am reading this post, and thinking “There is no way this piece was written by Scott Wolf”, but then, I get to the third paragraph, and at this point, there is no doubt who the author is.

    But what Scottie doesn’t mention is that Boatwright was the team’s leading scorer against Stanford with 18 points in just 28 minutes. But reading the post above, it makes it sound like Boatwright all but lost the Stanford game himself.

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      1. You may be surprised to know that Owns once expressed an appreciation for the writings of Mark Twain on this site…


      2. I actually have sympathy for any AD.
        Cuozo bails for a $20mil offer from Missouri. Wyking was his asst.
        Wyking Jones. Cal MBB HC. Look him up on Wikipedia. Looked like the nearly perfect hire. Ends up being a dumpster fire.
        0-50 here we come.

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