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There’s no denying freshmen JT Daniels and Amon-Ra St. Brown were stars in Saturday’s scrimmage and deserved praise.

But there is a flip side to this: Back in the spring there were breathless reports how this would be the best defense since 2008.

And the defense allowed 4 touchdown passes to Daniels? If you think that is simply because Daniels is special, Jack Sears also threw two touchdown passes. So that’s six touchdown passes.

I’ve mentioned before that I think there are questions the defense must answer. But there was a chorus of Internet media/USC peanut gallery types who kept saying this defense was special. We’ll see. But right now they could not stop Daniels or Sears.

It is worth remembering that a week into training camp, defenses are almost always ahead of the offense because offenses are still learning plays. That was not the case yesterday.

Someone will say Porter Gustin was not playing. He also missed all but four games last season.


25 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz

  1. It’s going to be a long season if the DB’s don’t play better and the OL isn’t fixed.

    Maybe one day Gomer will kick Callaway to the curb, put Drevino in as OL coach and go hire a RB coach that is a RB coach, not an OL coach masquerading as a RB coach and then tell his DC that a new DB coach will be hired, the DL coach will be on the field not in the booth and the DC’s worthless ass will be in the booth so he can see the field.

    And maybe Swann will allow some money to be spent on some quality assistants provided Gomer can attract any.

    And a memo to Swann, Royce Claton is coaching high school baseball at Oaks Christian, his pitching coach is Jeff Weaver and he’s got another former MLB player as a coach. Clayton was going to go to USC until the Giants picked him in the 1st round, you might give him a call, he couldn’t do worse than what you have now and he can attract quality assistants.


  2. Clancy watch will officially begin after UNLV hangs 30+ on USC.

    Note: USC should still win that game easily. But I predict that there will be much angst re the defense after that game.

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    1. IF UNLV —with it’s 2 star running backs and receivers —-scores four touchdowns against USC, we will officially be in trouble. But, why do you think that’ll happen, I. G. ? Is it their talented qb, Armani Rogers?


    1. I think Scott is maybe focusing on the 6 touchdown passes —-and thinking ahead to September 29th in Arizona (when this same defense faces Khalil Tate)….


      1. Definitely – he fails to mention that when the first team defense was in there – with the three super-sophs on the D-Line, they sacked the QB like 4 times. It was stifling. No time for “the sky is falling” on this defense. Tough to assess these things in an inter-squad scrimmage. Glad to see that Scottie is no longer slamming Daniels for no reason.

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  3. Pudly —unfortunately Khalil is sometimes right on the money (and, just as often, not). The problem in defending him is you never know which it’ll be.

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    1. A touchdown is a lot of points, Bob. I think Scott would be merciful if SC lost the Championship by one point to Alabama in double overtime….

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    1. Crap —I have to totally readjust my feelings about Pete Arbogast, Alv. It’s impossible to read that Plaschke piece about him and not fall in love with the guy.
      I may have to re-think my hatred of the L. A. Times, too.


  4. Alv —for some reason I’ve been with many friends and relatives when they’re dying. Usually it happens because something inside tells me to make a visit to their hospital room right away —even though they’re not supposed to be dying. Anyway, it’s a good feeling to know that you’re helping somebody pass on to whatever is next by holding their hand & offering a little kindness to them as they say goodbye to this world. I’ve found the best thing you can say is that they’ve done all that could be asked of them and their lives haven’t been in vain.


    1. Well said – even better if they know Our Lord Jesus Christ and if not discuss it – not saying there’s a surefire ‘yes’ but nonetheless one last opportunity. I did as Arbogast did – JC (WLAC the very first year it opened – got there that Summer after doing the first year in So. Carolina) and then transferred into USC.

      It seems this might be a lot better year than I was willing to think possible with the emergence of Daniels and his buddy Amon-Ra both from Mater Dei. Gustin should be ready the week of the TX game – ‘if’ USC is 3 – 0 prior to WA St. it looks good for a long run-up to the Irish in late November.

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      1. Alv –Good words, my friend.
        When I was at the San Francisco D. A.’s office I saw a homeless man fall to the sidewalk in front of the Hall Of Justice. Some young attorney ran to him and held him in his arms, whispering to this stranger that he would stay with him until the ambulance arrived. The man died in his arms before the ambulance ever arrived. In spite all that is said these days, there are many, many acts of kindness being performed every day.
        As far as USC football (which is, I guess, what I should be restricting myself to talking about) , if the o-line gives our qb and tb’s half a chance AND if our defense is half as good as advertised, this is gonna be a VERY good year.


    1. If you’re right, steveg, we’ll be playing for a championship….


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