About The Offensive Line

I mentioned offensive line and the secondary as big question marks for USC.

When you have a scrimmage and allow 8 sacks, that shows the offensive line is question mark.


14 thoughts on “About The Offensive Line

  1. 8 sacks in a scrimmage ?!?!?!?!?!!?!??!?!
    I also read elsewhere that Fink & Sears made some plays with their legs aka they were running for their lives.

    And yet, Gomer continues to employ Callaway.

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    1. Yep.
      There’s three different takes on the Offensive Line or three versions of the story from the scrimmage.

      1st-The OL looked awful for Matt Fink.
      2nd-The OL looked awful for Jack Sears.
      3rd-JT Daniels feels this OL could block at a NC level.

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    1. This is SAS,

      Herman dropped a dime on his old crew? So be it. Keep the drama over there in Columbus. This is just the beginning to a season that Urban will wish was all just a dream. Just a really scary reality of a dream.

      😭😠😭😠😭I’m calling it right here. Urban Meyer is gonna blow a gasket after Jim Harbaugh gets under UM skin with some subliminal cheapshots leading up to the Michigan-Ohio State. Shea Patterson will lead Michigan to a victory over the Buckeyes that will not sit well with Meyer after Harbaugh goes off like the new heavyweight champion during his press conference.

      Days later Urban Meyer resigns as the Head Coach at The Ohio State.

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      1. I like every single prediction, Sam! But can we add one more? Urban does his final press conference dressed as the red haired girl on the Disneyland Pirate Ride.

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      2. Mike!
        You have a really good memory.
        Urban better hope Kirk Herbstreit and Joey Galloway are on his side when this done. This could get ugly for Meyer quicker than he thinks if they find some other details or just enough because he wasn’t truthful in the first place. I really dont hope for the worst but i can’t get past the fact that the wife was pregnant and they’re was a “domestic violence” call that included abuse and Meyer let this go.

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      3. Harbaugh is also under the gun to win and in particular over OH St. but the odds favor Harbaugh if only because, sooner or later, every dog has his day. I found this (Herman alleged source) on, of all places, The Drudge Report. Yahoo sports, which is famous for reporting and creating news hasn’t touched it.

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      4. I agree. Harbaugh has to beat OSU either way. Both really good coaches.
        It would be something if both Urban Meyer and Jim Harbaugh chose to step down at the end of the season.


  2. So if I follow Scott, the defense is no good because they gave up touchdown passes and the line is no good because they allowed 8 sacks…is there any reason to watch this woeful team?

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  3. Ignore,

    Yes you are correct. Sometimes they don’t even touch, the defense is just very close to him and they will consider that a sack. I remember back in the late 80’s, it was the second to last fall practice before the first game, a sub on defense came rushing in and destroyed the qb. The action blew out his knee and Maronvich had to take over. Please correct me if I wrong. That is why the qb’s wear a different color jersey so that they won’t be touched.


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