Morning Buzz: No Team Needs Game Ready Receivers More Than USC

You know why it’s important that freshman wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown is already looking ready to go as a big-time receiver this season, just like Robert Woods, Marqise Lee and JuJu Smith-Schuster were during their first training camps?

Because Tee Martin doesn’t exactly develop receivers.

So USC needs guys like St. Brown, who are game ready their first day of college practice.

Have you seen receivers develop the past 2-3 years?

St. Brown will be like Woods, Lee or Smith-Schuster. He will make big plays from Day 1. And that is what USC needs because during Martin’s tenure, receivers are either ready or they are not.

The fans will point to Deontay Burnett as an exception. But you could also argue Burnett never really got an opportunity and when he did, he took advantage of it. Even if we say Burnett developed, who else did? And why did Burnett regress last season?


14 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: No Team Needs Game Ready Receivers More Than USC

  1. Luckily for everyone here, I can answer Scott’s question about why Deontay Burnett regressed last year.
    Deontay was doing fine during his sophomore year— practicing by himself in his own back yard, only eating his Mom’s food, progressing mentally and physically all on his own—- & only hanging out with the team on game days (and even then, putting his hands over his ears if any of the coaches tried to talk to him). But one day, last September, against his better judgement, Deontay ventured off his block on a weekday, ran into Tee Martin at Burger King, and a 20 minute conversation about the do’s and don’ts of receiving ensued. From that day on, Deontay couldn’t run a route.

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    1. I understand your tongue in cheek, but this time is was really in there. There could not have been a genuine reason, like he got doubled a lot and the defense figured if they could shut him down they could stifle Sam. But then that is when Vaughns and Pittman started to shine.

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    1. Alv —Thanks so much for the update [Losing Free Safety John Bonney is gonna hurt Texas —Eric Cuffee, not so much].


  2. Pretty humorous article to start off listing the endless train of WR’s that USC has recently sent to the NFL (Woods, Lee, JuJu) as 1st and 2nd Round picks, then complain about the lack of development of MORE WR’s.

    Don’t get me wrong, Tee Martin is not a good WR coach and a sub par OC in my opinion, but this is the weakest complaint you could possibly muster. USC recruits amazing talent at WR, so every time one of them becomes a star, you only credit the talent. But then when one unexpectedly breaks out (like a Blue Shirt like Burnett), you excuse it a different way? Also, Tyler Vaugns was redshirted, which looks like was a good thing for him as he physically matured. That was a coaching decision.

    Just one last thought on this. When you have a wealth of talent at WR, that produces NFL talent year after year, don’t you think that makes it hard for OTHER players to develop and shine at the level you apparently expect. There is only 1 ball. When you have a Robert Woods and Marqise Lee on the same team, how do you expect a 3rd guy to just “develop” outside of his talent expectations? Same with Agholar and JuJu. This year we will have Vaugns, Pittman, and St Brown, and you will just say they are all pure talent.

    So what development is going to occur for someone not those 3 guys?

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    1. Hey ‘you’re my huckleberry’ I have to say that one receiver thinks he’s a demi-god. I give you ‘Amon-Ra St. Brown’

      Nothing like mixing up some E-gyp-shine ‘old school’ pagan gawds with a last name of the Christian west….yeah I remember that song all the ‘worshippers’ were told, when they looked at his ‘ankh ‘ singing “How Beautiful Art Thou”….The Egyptian – darn good film ….

      I’m thinking either ma or pa ‘kettle’ were a’ watching that film on TCM before junior arrived…. “Well name him after that dude! Look at all those clowns on their knees”


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