Cornerback Competition Heats Up

Clay Helton said after today’s practice Greg Johnson is giving Isaiah Langley competition for the starting spot at cornerback.

Wonder if Langley (No. 24) giving up two touchdowns to Amon-Ra St. Brown (see below) on Saturday had anything to do with it?


3 thoughts on “Cornerback Competition Heats Up

  1. I imagine watching the film of the scrimmage was telling. God help us if neither improves. We can’t win playing point swap with the better teams. USC used to be the beat them until they give up team, these days we are the go ahead and score we will score again too.

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    1. Ha! Pete said “we’ll run right at ’em until they don’t want it anymore.” Now it’s “we’ll score td’s until they get tired of scoring their own td’s.”

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  2. All of this can be solved with a few tweaks here and there and a total makeover of the offensive philosophy of Gomer and his W. Kentucky rejects.

    Fire the DB coach and tell Clancy that he’s in the booth, BKU is on the field and no Clancy, you will not have a say as to who the new DB coach is.

    For Gomer an his band of clowns, try recruiting really good OL who can RUN BLOCK instead of 63 WR’s. Try adopting the run it down their throat mentality and fire that idiot who ” coaches ” the OL TODAY.

    I know none of this will ever happen because if he were to do this, he would get QB’s like Daniels and the next MD kid, then again, he might get into the playoffs and actually beat a major team instead of getting embarrassed on national TV.


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