Todd McNair Wants A New Trial

Todd McNair’s lawyers plan to seek a new trial on his defamation claim, according to a legal brief filed today in Los Angeles Superior Court.

A jury voted 9-3 in May the NCAA didn’t defame McNair.

McNair’s lawyers field a brief Monday that asked HJudge Frederick Shaller to declare a one-year “show-cause” penalty against McNair by the NCAA infractions committee in 2010 to be invalid under California law.


3 thoughts on “Todd McNair Wants A New Trial

  1. I wonder if I’ll still be vertical when this has total closure. And how is McNair paying his bills? Is his NFL pension that solid?


  2. McNair had bad counsel when they went trial. And they fumbled more times than Sam did last year. They proved the NCAA did him wrong but booted the final charge.
    I know McNair can coach again so the NCAA is just going to ask why he isn’t looking for work yet. Don’t hold your breath for anything to change. Maybe if Haden and USC had gone after the NCAA they would have caved, (it worked for Penn State and Miami) but I hear the Pontiff Pat was a better athletic director than attorney (if you take my meaning)

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