USC Afternoon Notes

For the lucky few who are sitting under the new tower at the Coliseum, you will have new seats with 3 inches more leg room and wider aisles.

Everyone else? Another year with the old seats and aisles!

Now get back to work!

  • Dr. Magdi El Shahawy, a long-time USC senior associate athletic director, has resigned to take a similar position at the University of Georgia. El Shahawy oversaw several sports at USC including track and field, which won a national title in June.

13 thoughts on “USC Afternoon Notes

  1. Dan Weber predicts that Clay will cut the crap about everyone at qb being equally wonderful and pick his starting quarterback after Saturday’s practice game. [It’ll probably be easier on good guy Fink if Helton doesn’t name who came in third—and I hope that’s the way the coach does it: “J.T. is gonna start and no decision on J.T.’s backup…..yet” ]……

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      1. Pudly —I’ll put it this way: If J. T. completes throws at will against Stanford and Texas, I’ll be doing those Curly sideways spins on the rug……

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      2. So right! Amazing that the young guy has everyone so excited about he and his friend…so much for the speed of the game being too much for them.

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      3. Michael,

        You deserve USC Trojan football tickets on the 50 yard line for life for making a Three Stooges reference in a USC post. Spending time watching the Stooges is just as good as spending time watching USC football.

        From a Stooges Fan Since Early Childhood,
        Fight On!


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      4. Pudly — It looks like speed is what J. T. and Amon are BRINGING with them. [All J. T. needs to do to get the starting job is play well this Saturday].

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      1. Weber knows his football —[and he knows how to get clues about starters and game plans from Helton without Helton realizing it sometimes]……


  2. We lost Darryl Gross to SYR – it was he who convinced Garrett to hire Pete carroll as well as, temporarily, Rick Majerus for mens basketball. Schools that attract great athletes make an assistant AD’s job a lot easier. GA has a great tennis program and football

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  3. Micael,

    Pudly is too young to know who the three stooges are. LOL.. I loved those guys and the Marx Brothers as well. Their humor never is too old. They were the greatest.

    Scooter is the greatest negative person reporting on USC sports. So there is so much to be grateful for.

    BTW SCooter, (with intent)

    Did Arthea Franklin have any association with USC? She passed away this morning. May God be Pleased with her singing in heaven right now. She was reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel good.


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