USC Quick Thought

How long has tight end Daniel Imatorbhebhe been injured?

He started the final four games last season but missed spring practice because of a “nagging hip injury” according to USC.

He was recently medically cleared for some drills but it appears there is no rush to bring him back.

“We committed to shutting him down for an extended period of time, and now it’s building it back up,” Clay Helton said. “(We are) trying to get him back into great football shape and not rushing the process.”

It’s been hard to get a straight answer on the severity of the hip injury for about a year. And when he came back last season, the coaches clearly did not have confidence in him. How often was he the target of passes? Was he still hurt then?

At this point, it’s hard to say how big a role he will have this season. This only matters because of the flashes he showed at the end of the 2016 season as a difference maker.


6 thoughts on “USC Quick Thought

  1. Maybe it should not be how long, but how bad he has been injured. I know hips do not heal well. So the best way to fix the problem is to save him for games.


  2. He just doesn’t feel right – that’s the word on the street. Are you just bummed, Scottie, because you want to see him playing? We’d all agree. Or are you suggesting the SC doctors and coaching staff are holding him out for some nefarious reason? Hardly. Clay said he’s cleared to play. He wouldn’t do that were it not the case.


  3. The kid may just be injury prone, happens, not his fault. But this is why you have to recruit players for positions every year, not here and there and this staff, and the previous staff of knuckleheads, didn’t do that very well, see the OL for a perfect example of that.

    It may take this kid another year to be right, he may never be right, best he hit the books and get his degree.


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