USC Morning Buzz

One of the big takeaways from yesterday’s Coliseum media tour was that 1,000 parking spaces have been eliminated because of construction on the George Lucas Art Museum.

But I’m more disappointed in the new Coliseum seats. I had seen samples last year that showed bigger seats or more comfortable looking seats. Or seats with cup holders.

But apparently those are the seats for the more expensive areas of the renovated Coliseum. These red seats don’t look all that great. Just new. Big deal.


8 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz

  1. SCooter,

    your comment is as dry as the sawdust on the floor at Clearman’s Village on Hungtinton and Rosemead. No value or substance to it.


  2. What is the melting point? Can they hold a lineman in 100° + heat I wonder if they will stand up to the weather. Those 1984 Olympic seats were eaten by smog and heat. If these are just replacement seats they aren’t worth the cost of a ticket.


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