Even NFL Coaches Find Some Stats Surprising

I got a call from an NFL coach today who wanted to know if it was true USC’s defense allowed six TD passes in last weekend’s scrimmage?

Yes, it did. The coach was surprised to hear it because of all comments from the USC coaching staff about the strength of the defense.

And the coach was curious how they secondary could get burned so many times when the offense had its first real game of training camp?

I mention this because even NFL coaches can be surprised when they hear things regarding a USC scrimmage. Not just fans.

As I’ve said, watch the offensive line and secondary this season. This is where USC’s record will be determined.


8 thoughts on “Even NFL Coaches Find Some Stats Surprising

  1. Meant to post zero chance an nfl coach reached out in the middle of training camp to talk USC secondary. Less than zero. But whatever you can do to find a negative spin, more power to you.

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  2. So are we to believe this fictional NFL Coach doesn’t understand the concept of a situational, controlled scrimmage? LOL. So he literally thinks USCs Defense went out and played a real game and gave up 6 TDs?

    No questions about what might have been Red Zone, what might have been 2 minute drill, or what have been 1s on 3s? Does this imaginary coach know the Defense keeps coming on the field after every drive, because you know, its a scrimmage?

    Maybe we will all get lucky and see this dramatic phone call play out on the next Hard Knocks.


  3. Please Wolf…you are saying an NFL coach called you? You sound like Jake Tapper of CNN yelling at the top of his voice at Sarah Sanders to try and show that he is relevant and has something to say. I believe this is the first bit of Fake News we have on Wolfs blog.


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