Let’s Compare Some Future Schedules

UCLA announced a home-and-home series with Auburn for 2027 (Rose Bowl) and 2028 (Jordan-Hare Stadium).

This again puts some pressure on USC to upgrade its non-conference schedule.

Look at the future USC schedules:

2019: Fresno State, BYU, Notre Dame

2020: Alabama, New Mexico, Notre Dame

2021: BYU, Notre Dame

2022: Rice, Fresno State, Notre Dame

2023: BYU, Notre Dame

2025: Fresno State

Meanwhile. UCLA has Oklahoma (2019), LSU (2021), Michigan (2022), Michigan (2023), LSU (2024), Georgia (2025-26), Auburn (2027-28) and Wisconsin (2029-30).

9 thoughts on “Let’s Compare Some Future Schedules

  1. Just like homecoming, football teams like to schedule non conference games they think are a challenge or a team they can beat. UCLA is scheduled as the team other team’s think they can beat. USC has to take what they can get for their schedule

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    1. Terrible advice.

      USC should focus on itself and just concentrate into making themselves a tougher and more physical team. (USC is not there yet).

      Scheduling pussycats is not going to shrink the 52 – 6 score differential with Bama. Or make USC play better against more physical teams like Ohio State and Notre Dame from last year.

      Keep scheduling more competitive programs and don’t stoop to what those other schools are doing.

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  2. When we were top dawg back in 2002-2007 no one would play us. Remember when the OK athletic director, Castiglione, bowed out of the agreed to home-and-home match-up? That former corrupt SEC Commissioner who flat out issued his ‘diktat’ that NO SEC teams were to play USC – AR and Auburn convinced them to ‘stay away’ and stay away they did.

    These schedules are not carved in stone save for the smaller schools looking for a big payout. We get through September at 5 – 0 taking down three decent programs on the road (8th Sept. @ Stanford, 15th Sept. @ TX and 29th Sept. @ AZ) – all systems are go all the way to 24th Nov. against ‘the princess’.

    Frankly, if you want to snicker at a program into self preservation it’s AL
    2018: Lousiville, AR St., LA-Lafayette % Citadel
    2019: Duke, NM St., So. MS, West. Carolina
    2020: USC, GA St. & Kent St.
    2021: Miami, So. MS & Mercer

    OH St’s. is just as is AL or Mi or any of the top tier programs – bel-air tech schedules seemingly tougher opponents because they’re desperate to sell seats at the Rose Bowl then again their opponents for 2020 and 2022 are really weak.

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  3. Good for the Bruins! But they’re always scheduled one very tough non-conf opponent – Tennessee, Nebraska, etc. But because they don’t have Notre Dame on their schedule, they never play TWO tough non-confs. Not that they should. But those years when we play Texas or Alabama AND The Domers, we’re truly playing an amazing schedule with 11 Power 5 opponents. This year, we’re one of three teams in D1 to play 11 Power 5 opponents. but again, good on UCLA. They’re vastly superior to virtually all other Pac-12 teams outside of USC. Oregon and Washington? Clown schedules……

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  4. USC schedules Notre Dame every single year, so that compares to the one Power 5 team UCLA has on its schedule. Plus USC usually adds another Power 5 opponent. USC’s scheduling deserves no criticism. As someone else said it is the SEC teams who schedule too easy and strategize their way into the title game every year.


  5. As many have already said — Look at Alabama. And not only that, look when they play their cupcakes. This year they play The Citadel late season the week before they play Auburn (they also have a bye the week before they play LSU).


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