USC Quote Of The Day

Lynn Swann recently spoke with Sports Business Daily. He doesn’t usually say much but here is a quote that I think stood out.

“I don’t care if you played, coached, owned a football team, if you’ve been an athletic director and the head coach and you’re now the AD. Your job is not to call the plays. You hire someone to call the plays and let that person do the job.”

This raises a natural question: Who calls the plays at USC? Tee Martin? Bryan Ellis? Clay Helton?

Maybe we need to ask the athletic director if the person hired to call the plays actually does at USC?

13 thoughts on “USC Quote Of The Day

  1. This is getting really old and just shows ignorance on the part of the belief that any team has a single play caller for every play. Do you think Lane Kiffen called every play when he was OC at Alabama? Plays are lined up for certain situations and then called from that via sometimes various people that concentrate on run or pass situations. Certain teams do this differently, but it is not unlike a catcher signaling pitches to the pitcher. He can go with it or veto it. This goes up the line to the HC. Why do you think Pete Carroll gets the blame for passing in the end zone in the Super Bowl — it was his call there, not the OC.

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  2. SCooter,

    The problem is that T Martin and the play calling committee does not set up plays with other plays to take advantage of what u set up. It is sickening to see the play calling like someone throwing mud on a wall to see if it sticks. SC will not win the big games unless they call plays with purpose and determination.


  3. SCooter,

    I got my football tickets today. How are u gonna get in since they took away ur Media Pass from working the Daily News? We gots to know


  4. The announcement was already made. Run coordinator and pass coordinator with the analysts will come up with the list of plays, put it on a menu for the designated play caller. Helton will hear the play being called on the headphones and will either go with it or veto it. The committee work is done during the week, game time it comes down to two people. Staff on the field make sure certain players go in for certain plays. It isn’t rocket science and it is not done by committee during a game, just isn’t time.


  5. Of you ask our AD if the person he hired to call plays is calling plays, his answer would probably be, “I’ll hire someone to find out.”


  6. Rusoviet, in the old days it used to be a game of chess and by doing so, SC won many important games. Now it is hodgepodge and crap.


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