USC Saturday Buzz

USC holds its second scrimmage of training camp. Can JT Daniels throw four TD passes?

Meanwhile, USC commit Bryce Young had a tough start in his first game at quarterback for Mater Dei on Friday night against Bishop Amat.

Young completed 12 of 20 passes for 108 yards with an interception and no touchdowns. He gained 49 yards in six carries.

It’s understandable for a first start after transferring from Cathedral. On the other hand, he is ranked the No. 1 dual-purpose quarterback in the nation.

14 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz

  1. Were you expecting 4 TD’s and a shut out. Are you assuming he is another JT and should excel right out of the gate? Lighten up Wolf. If this is your Saturday morning blog with a huge scrimmage coming up, pretty weak.

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  2. Those private parochial schools are like the college farm system. They feature some of the top players at all positions and can recruit. Student athletes really do have to “tryout” for these teams. So it is possible to have a great quarterback pushed around by a great defense. It’s just one game the season is Young. Oh I made play on his name I could be Joey L

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  3. Can JT throw 11 TD passes, maybe? 16? Hope not – then Scottie will get all indignant about the Trojan defense. It’s a no-lose situation for Scottie. However, he slammed the hiring of Pete Carrol. He’ll never live that one down….

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    1. Pete Carroll. Pete Carroll. What’s so wonderful about Pete Carroll, Lamont? Take away Pete’s 7 straight 11 win seasons, 7 straight bowl victories over top ten opponents [and future Super Bowl win] and what’s left?

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    2. Pudly —Speaking of quarterbacks, Coach Helton has ALREADY commented on today’s scrimmage outcome: He’s NOT ready to name a quarterback yet. He probably knows best, but personally I think he’s hurting himself by dragging this thing out another week. Everyone on the offense —especially receivers —wants to know who the GUY is gonna be. Once they know, they’ll be able to roll with it —-but until they know, there’s a certain feeling of being in limbo.


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