Defense Rebounds In Second USC Scrimmage

JT Daniels did not dominate Saturday’s USC scrimmage at Howard Jones Field.

He completed 7 of 9 passes with no touchdowns as the defensive front seven was the strength of the scrimmage.

Jack Sears was 2 for 2 and scored on a 2-yard run. Matt Fink was 3 for 9.

Daniels was the starter for the scrimmage, which shows he is going to be the starter in a couple weeks. But Clay Helton said he would wait another week to name a starter.

Maybe this was a good scrimmage because it gave the defense a morale boost. It did not do the same for the offense, which didn’t do much passing or running.

Highlights: WR Devon Williams caught a 35-yard pass from Sears. Kicker Michael Brown, back from knee surgery, made a 50-yard FG.

Lowlights: The offensive line remains questionable. It’s going to be until proven otherwise.

Also: How much did it help the secondary that the scrimmage was more run-oriented?


26 thoughts on “Defense Rebounds In Second USC Scrimmage

  1. Reading in other papers I saw that Clancy decided to dial up the blitz, so I assume that had something to do with the way the scrimmage went. As for the line all of those receivers had better learn to block, because the fat guys aren’t cutting it.

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  2. Reading in other papers I saw that Clancy decided to dial up the blitz, so I assume that had something to do with the way the scrimmage went. As for the line all of those receivers had better learn to block, because the fat guys aren’t cutting it. By the way why only 20 pass attempts?

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    1. It’s the same old thing, Old Trojan —-Callaway doesn’t have the line paying at 100% capacity. Everyone who knows Callaway says he has a first rate football mind —-the problem is that he doesn’t know how to get the players jacked up to play. No one on the o-line would say (if they were hooked up to a lie detector), “Coach Callaway sure knows how to bring out the best in me!”


  3. It probably would be nice for the offense to know right now who the GUY is. But that’s not as important as the time Coach Helton continues to waste on Matt Fink in practices and scrimmages. Matt seems like a wonderful young man —but Helton isn’t being smart by giving him a third of the reps (when there’s no chance in Hell that he’s gonna be the starter) as we close in our first game. This isn’t the family picnic —everybody isn’t entitled to one chicken leg, one pint of potato salad and a soft drink. Tell Fink & Sears you appreciate the effort, and start getting the receivers and Daniels in better sync for Stanford and Texas.

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      1. You know what’s bothering me most, steveg? I trust Helton’s evaluation of the quarterback play. He’s seeing something which is causing him to hesitate naming Daniels. If Daniels isn’t appreciably better than Sears or Fink (both of whom are among the least talented qb’s in this season’s Pac 12), we are in for a very tough year on the offensive side of the ball. Stanford, Cal, Arizona, Utah and Arizona State all have well above average quarterbacks. And should we get to the Pac 12 Championship, so do Oregon and Washington.


    1. I think the team knows who the starter is. Teams usually do. Question arises as to the coaches’ decision and whether it’s the same as the teams. Clearly this is a bigger issue for the media and the bloggers so they can generate the clicks they need. Don’t h at any crying at bama or with the ruins, neither of whom have picked a starter. Of course their practices are closed to media so no one could criticize the opinion of the coaches..ha! Maybe that’s what all this angst is about…

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      1. Very good points, Pudly. Maturity and patience aren’t my strong suits. [My main concern, as I’ve stated above, is that Helton may just REALLY think that it’s a 3 way tie at quarterback. And —if that’s true — I worry [cuz I don’t think Sears or Fink are elite Pac 12 qb’s —-and I’d like to think that Daniels is sufficiently superior to them that he’d be the named quarterback by now. Alabama has a wealth of riches at qb, by contrast].

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      2. Step back and take a deep breath. If a qb transfers, it’s most likely to be Sears. He was a late flip from Duke. So it might be more important to get Matt those reps than you think. No?

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      3. Pudly, I suspect there is something to what you’re saying about the possibility of one of the qb’s bailing. Or, at least, there is something going on besides a strict battle to see who’s best prepared to start against UNLV. Tee Martin didn’t give any of the qb’s a chance to shine today—even though Helton said this was gonna be the scrimmage where he was hoping to narrow down the qb question. Something was going on today that we fans weren’t privy to.

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      4. The fact that Helton opened up the competition by letting JT Daniels in the mix equally was telling in itself. Helton is a good man first and he recruited these kids and he is close to all of them. So he is giving them all a fair shake. They are all part of the team and can be used as weapons in different scenarios. Helton keeps recruiting great kids and they are coming into his program because he is perceived as fair with the men.

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      5. Fighton Long Beach — I completely agree that Helton is a good man. And I completely agree that he knows how to recruit. And I don’t agree with those who say he can’t win big games —-he’s won his share. But he’s lost big on the biggest of stages 2 out of 3 times. I admire Helton’s character and I admire his loyalty to staff —but, let’s face it, he COULD be a TAD more decisive about this quarterback thing. If he wants Daniels to start but he also wants to use Sears in certain situations —great. Get off the dime and tell the qb’s that’s his plan. I don’t know what’s gained by telling them next week what he knows he’s gonna do today.


      6. I agree with you Michael. I want to know too. Everyone knows who is the leader in this competition but Helton is sticking to his word to let it play full out. By delaying he is making UNLV and Stanford waste time preparing for both. The reality is UNLV is a tuneup game and part of the preparation for Stanford and Texas. So waiting another weak won’t really hurt.

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      7. Long Beach —I’m embarrassed to admit that it never even occurred to me that, thanks to Coach Helton, Coaches Shaw and Herman are preparing right now for BOTH a dual threat and a gunslinger. Good point!

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      8. Pudly — As usual, you’re right—–the coaches haven’t decided who’s gonna start in the September 15th Extravaganza —-but the fans have!


  4. I am incredibly disappointed that “Tailback U” is having a years long problem developing a physical and mean OL.


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  5. Marvienna, I’m more concerned that the big o line recruits are going to bama, Ohio st., and Oregon. There are no o line recruits that have committed recently. But then the 5 receivers who committed to usc can play o line. SC is in a world of hurt. Sc will suck in the next few years. Hopefully Calloway will quit and Drevino will take over next year

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    1. Pasadena Trojan, Part of the problem I believe is the offensive scheme and philosophy. USC runs a soft offense and has a questionable OC in Tee Martin. There seems to be no determination to have a big, nasty OL that can just impose its will on defenses. Even if there are some guys who would like that (I think Drevno is one of those assistants), USC’s style of play doesn’t call for tough lineman.

      Everyone forgets those things when a TD is scored. But it has to start with the OL but this USC OC braintrust wants to simply put playmakers in space and let them fly. You don’t always need big linemen to get that. I don’t think it was a coincidence that USC’s toughest games last year were with teams that had good interior line play – WSU, ND and Ohio State.


  6. Jeez, imagine if they had thrown the ball all over the place then Wolf would wonder why not run the ball instead. The secondary is working like crazy all week covering defenders. Now is the time to start getting everyone dialed in and healthy for the week before the season begins.

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  7. It will take a near perfect defense to win the Pac12 South, because they will not prepare the offense to be physical enough to dominate the line of scrimmage and will not use plays to feature the speed we have at q/b and running back together. This ‘O’line will not get it done,practices are not tough enough .It will be same as vs ND last yr, and Ohio St, Wisconsin Bowl games …you will see it early against Stanford and Texas,followed by Utah and ND. These guys were all top recruits but do not get the same practices and preparation,ones body must be prepared for collisions and brutal contact.

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