USC Sunday Buzz

USC did not run a two-minute drill yesterday because of a shortage of offensive tackles.

It’s worth mentioing because starting right tackle Chuma Edoga has had a hip issue during training camp. Edoga’s had injury issues in the past and also an up-and-down relationship with the coaches. So it’s not a total surprise he wasn’t available.

But Austin Jackson (ankle) and Clayton Bradley (back), the main left tackles, are battling injuries but should be OK fo the UNLV game. Not to mention Andrew Vorhees, who was inconsistent last season but started at guard.

You might sense a pattern here as I stress the performance was already less-than-stellar with some of these players and when you throw in injuries, it only magnifies the problem. Now you can also see why USC took junior-college transfer Bernard Schirmer. It needs him for depth.


14 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz

  1. Of late Coach Helton has exhibited that worried look we saw before the Alabama game. Could it be he knows that his o-line isn’t gonna hold up? Could he just now be realizing that not grabbing a super-aggressive o-line coach when he had the chance (someone like Tom Cable) is gonna bite him in the butt in 2 weeks? I bring this up cuz Helton remarked that Daniels is only an “adequate athlete” yesterday. What? Our o-line is so bad that Helton needs a great throwing qb like Daniels to be able to run too? Helton’s remark says a lot —all bad— about the o-line.
    Lots of folks have mentioned that the players enjoy playing for Helton. They like him and have fun playing for him. I’ve always thought that it’s critical for the skill guys not to play tight, to be loose and have fun. But Marv Goux and Ed Orgeron (and plenty of other Trojan greats) knew that a whole different philosophy had to prevail in coaching the lines. They used to call it “wartime.” If we had an o-line coach who had both the toughness and charisma to get that thought across to our disappointing o-line, we wouldn’t see Helton worrying on television that Daniels won’t be able to run from trouble.

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    1. Michael, you ever get dizzy from going round and round? Let’s let them play a game, then start tearing them down. Seemed like you were more positive earlier in the week.

      Don’t you just love the roller coaster ride they call college football!! Two weeks.

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      1. I’m remain very optimistic about the team in general, Pudly. I admit I didn’t like that “adequate athlete” remark about Daniels (Helton never made similarly dismissive remarks about Matt or Cody, who were way slower than Daniels) —-it seemed like Helton was musing out loud about the need for the next qb —-whoever he is —to be able to save drives with his feet. I know Helton didn’t expressly SAY the o-line was going to be a problem…..but that one comment spoke volumes. [I guess you know that the o-line —which admittedly did have a key guy out —- was having serious problems holding back the 2’s and 3’s on defense yesterday].

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      2. Actually Michael, they had three out of the starting line and were using McKenzie (rt) and the new kid Schirmer (lft) at tackle. And the experience will benefit them I hope. I read that we had many of our starters on the d-line in and out as Pili was called out for good play by several accounts I read.
        Nonetheless, it is a fun time and the bloggers are going nuts trying to generate clicks with nothing happening.
        Two Saturdays from now and it’ll have begun! Until then there’ll be anxious hand wringing be the faithful, including us!

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    2. If what you sense come to pass Helton will be out by end of year i.e. 3 – 4 losses eliminating any consideration for any top tier bowl and obviously no show for the playoffs. I know some have said he’d here because of the ‘extension’ Swann announced late last year – I don’t see the wealthy alumni putting up with a continuing inability to defeat opponents with the talent he Helton) recruits.

      That aside let’s see how these first 3 games play out – if Troy is 3 – 0 by the evening of 15th Sept it matters not the team will be on a strong roll.

      The TX vs USC game, Saturday 15th Sept., is the sole game that will grab viewers – the only other ones of decent interest are AL @ MS St. and LSU @ Auburn.

      Herman is another one with a big ? mark over his own future which aside from my wanting a USC victory – nothing would please me more than to watch and listen to his having to explain to a focused press corps why he lost AGAIN to USC.

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      1. Alv —I personally want to see Herman have to explain another last second loss to Matthew McWhatshisname…….

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    3. Daniels is a bigger running threat than we are led to believe. He didnt need to run because he got good protection and he could make the throws. Sears and Fink make consistent throws so they have to run.

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      1. If you’re saying “inconsistent” throws, I agree with you, Long Beach.
        [And, if and when Coach Helton brings either Fink or Sears into the game, the defense is going to play run].


  2. Somebody’s going to block hopefully. Thinking about the current situation is giving me a headache. How can a school such as USC not care for basic necessities such as linemen? USC used to supply the NFL with the best linemen in the game. When did that stop?


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