Limited Viewing Options For UNLV Game

So you want to watch JT Daniels and Amon-Ra St. Brown in their first college game?

Here are the current options:

1.) Go to Coliseum and die in the heat/sun.

2.) Watch on the Pac-12 Network. Find someplace that has the Pac-12 Network. A sports bar? A neighbor? A relative?

3.) Don’t be so sure you will have the Pac-12 Network if you are an AT&T U-Verse subscriber. The contract is expiring and if an extension or new deal is not reached, it is conceivable the Pac-12 Networks could be dropped. Could it happen before the USC-UNLV game? Maybe. No one is saying much.

All in all, not great options for many people for the UNLV game. There’s always the radio.


18 thoughts on “Limited Viewing Options For UNLV Game

      1. Yes, Lamont! It was 95 at the Western Michigan game. Not many people remember but very few fans survived that game…..maybe a few hundred, tops.

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  1. Well the PAC 12 network isn’t worth paying for. You can get an app on Roku that gets it free. At&t has been the big bug for the PAC12 with its satellite division never carrying the PAC 12. Uverse is trying to die quietly, so it won’t renew. USC could do much better than the PAC 12 network. But we are talking about a team that is heard on AM radio with less than CB coverage after sundown.


      1. I don’t know about Steve but I excuse your ignorance (this time)
        It’s when you start ranting about the great John Wooden (All American as a player and coach) that I can find no excuse for your ignorance.
        You’re welcome in advance.


      2. The app is called channel pear and I may not have it on roku anymore. It seems roku has gone legit. Some posters say it’s still available and others say it was kicked off So if you can get kodi on your device, you can still get channel pear. I had kodi on a computer and an Amazon kindle both streamed PAC 12 with channel pear. It took some work but I had it on my Samsung too. Not that we would watch pirated television 📺📺

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      3. Pirated PAC 12 NETWORK(!??!), Steve? I just pray, for ALL of our sakes, the Mueller Team isn’t patrolling these posts…….


  2. I’d rather sit in 90 or 100+ degree weather during a 1 PM day game rather than a 7:30 PM night game on either Saturday or those dreaded Thursday night games. But that’s just me.


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    1. Couldn’t agree more! Its to bad that we are in the minority—the young people I’m told prefer the nite games–college football is an afternoon game! TV rules and the college presidents and AD’s all bow down to money! Because of the west coast, the times for the games will always be 5:00 pm or later–unless the games that no one cares about on the PAC-12 are at 1:pm. I know my venting will not help, but it sure feels good to get it out!


  3. I’ll be sitting comfortably on my very own couch viewing the game via Comcast. No complaints here. Sorry you feel differently, Flow.


  4. If someone has Kodi, there is not a game you cannot watch, you just have to find it. Also Sling carries Pac12 and is cheap. We have Uverse, and if they drop Pac12 I will get Sling for the season.


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