USC Interception Count

JT Daniels threw two interceptions today, one by Jonathan Lockett and one by Olaijah Griffin.

Does it really matter? No.

But this is where I like to point out that Sam Darnold did not throw an interception during his true freshman training camp. It just shows what an impressive accomplishment that was by Darnold.

Daniels is going to be good. But he is not as good as Darnold.


14 thoughts on “USC Interception Count

  1. Yeah, Darnold saved all of his turnovers for the regular season. Loved how he started out against Notre Dame – first offensive play from scrimmage – DOINK!

    I love how Scottie is stressing that this 18-year-old kid is currently not as good as the #3 pick in the NFL draft… genius!

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    1. Do you ever get the feeling, Lamont, that right after the Rose Bowl, Sam’s behind the scenes agent told him, “the goal for next season is to get it over with without getting hurt”? The 2016 version of Sam would not have LET that high snap float over his head (and he would have squawked a LITTLE bit when the ref turned it over to Notre Dame after he appeared to recover it). I really expect a lot of folks will be pleasantly surprised by the increased hustle when J. T. takes over.

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      1. I doubt that very much – he had peaked because he’d been nearly unknown prior to 2016 – not the case in 2017. He was a pre-season Heisman Trophy winner, the team was ranked in the top 5 going into the season. His problem was: a depleted receiving corps, weak O line and no consistent running back. But the worst was no real preparation for big games. Darnold’s a gamer

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      2. Sam is probably a better qb than Leinert too, but who won more games? Or put another way who lost less games? Who cares? Is the baby qb as good as Darnold?
        Scott you are truly the master of useless minutia. Just keep it up, you’ve got more people laughing than Don Rickles ever did.


  2. Sam lead the entire nation in turnovers. I’ll take a turnover or two during practice than three in a game.

    Sam is by far the most over rated USC player in my lifetime.

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    1. Didnt Darnold beat the ruins three years in a row while Rosen quit like a little girl in all three losses to the Trojans? Yet Rosen was supposed to be better than Darnold.


  3. Wouldn’t it be better to see the positive in this post and recognize that Olaijah Griffin, one of USC’s heralded incoming freshman 5-star corners, came away with a pick? If this kid can play, then USC’s question marks in the secondary won’t be as large as they’ve been made out to be.


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    1. He actually baited JT into that throw. Great job by one five star against another (a learning moment, per coach Ellis). But the as Scott so strategically leaves out, JT goes right back after Olijah for a td on the same play..

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