USC Morning Buzz: Wednesday Notes


USC announced field-level seats are available for five games: UNLV; Washington State, Colorado; Arizona State and Cal.

The seats are in the shaded area of the above illustration, which are some of the best seats in the Coliseum. Were season ticket sales slow? Did the malaise of last season take a toll?

The tickets are not cheap. For most games, it is $239 per ticket. It seems odd these tickets are available. Maybe they were so expensive as season seats, USC could not sell them and finally abandoned the idea. So they became individual game tickets.

  • Kaden Martin, the son of USC offensive coordinator Tee Martin, made his high school debut at Redondo last weekend. The freshman completed 13 of 28 passes for 175 yards and one touchdown in a 28-7 loss to Crescenta Valley.

Wonder how many coaches call plays at Redondo? Less than at USC, of course.

Martin’s already offered a scholarship by USC, Alabama and Floriida Atlantic.


16 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Wednesday Notes

  1. If those seats north of the USC bench are available, then they should put the USC Trojan Marching Band there where they belong.

    It’s a disgrace that USC moved the band to endzone seats on the east end. They wanted to sell more seats and now they can’t sell ’em.


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    1. You ever been cursed to sit anywhere adjacent to the band? The short ‘Fight On’ after each 1st down…that WEHO slave march with the booming drum and then the brass played just before ‘Fight On’ is played in entirety? You feel that mortified about where they are I encourage you to sit next to them – awful


      1. I have sat close to them during games.

        As a student it was awe – inspiring.

        As a Trojan it simply was exhilarating.

        Fight On!


      2. My first gig as a high school band teacher I did two things first I adapted the first down routine to the school fight song. Second I took my band to high school band day. (Used to bring H.S. bands on the field and play with the band) once my band saw the TMB they understood number the first thing. The band had never been a regular feature at football games so once they got it in their minds that the band keeps people up during the game the kids put effort into it. The football team went to the playoffs.


  2. Wolf’s last 5 posts:

    – We can’t sell out good seats
    – Ronald Jones can’t catch the ball
    – It’ll be hot for the UNLV game
    – One of our recruits had a so-so first game
    – We had some interceptions in practice

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    1. And I suppose you see some kind of underlying negativity?#NothingCouldBeFurtherFromTheTruth


  3. SCooter,

    Usually you would call the freshman recruit a loser, but u did not with T Martin’s son. Why did u not call him a loser in so many words?


  4. Buddha, I got snookered by purchasing SC season tickets this year. I should have just bought individual seats. Could have saved a lot of money


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