And Now, The Depth Chart


USC released its depth chart tonight. Any news?

Jack Sears is the No. 3 quarterback even though he was considered probably the second-best by some observers in camp.

Austin Jackson is the No. 1 left tackle. Not even an “or’ between his name and Clayton Bradley.

The tailback position remains in flux as Aca’Cedric Ware, Vavae Malepeai and Stephen Carr all have the dreaded “or” between their names.

Velus Jones is ahead of Trevon Sidney at wide receiver, which is not surprising but shows Jones is finally expected to perform.

Bubba Bolden replaces Chris Hawkins at safety. And at corner, Greg Johnson and Isaiah Langley have the “or” between their names, which shows neither was dominating in training camp. It’s going to be a question spot for the defense, as will Iman Marshall until proven otherwise.


8 thoughts on “And Now, The Depth Chart

  1. According to Joey K, Yakili Ross is off the roster and will be a grad transfer next season. Joey also pulled a Scott and used “a columnist “(read unnamed source) in his story this morning. I don’t recall having such lazy journalists when I was growing up. I gave some thought to changing my handle to “Unnamed Source” but that’s just silly.

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  2. Jack Sears has a decision to make. He seems to be a good kid and has shown California State Championed leadership directly following Sam Darnold’s shadow at the same high school. That’s uncommon and not easy. Now, he’s third in line. What happened? We certainly haven’t seen him disprove himself in a regular season game yet. He has run and pass instincts which is useful today. I guess, he and his people will have to decide if waiting on unfortunate circumstances to get a chance and stockpiling USC degree credits outweigh finding somewhere to play. Either way, life has it’s crossroads and i’d say he’s there. Here’s a prayer for Jack. There’s life for you, buddy, no matter your current standing.

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    1. Stephen —I’m glad Coach Helton made Fink J. T.’s backup. Fink worked extremely hard all summer organizing the player practices —he deserves to be recognized in some way. But I really doubt that Helton would go to Fink if something were to happen to Daniels. Fink is virtually no threat as a passer and he’d have to live or die by handing off or taking off. Should it come to it, Sears is the better choice to come off the bench. And I think Helton knows it.

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      1. The trouble with Sears was that he didn’t know the playbook as well, couldn’t read the defense as quick and made errors lining his players up. This is from multiple sites and various accounts of practice. Snooze you lose, he had all winter, spring and summer to learn the offense.

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      2. Very good point, Pudly. For all his talent, Sears doesn’t seem to take the playbook seriously —and your comment reminded me of the episode two weeks ago where Tee Martin went nuts on Sears for not getting guys lined up properly on two successive plays.


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