JT Daniels Named Starting QB

In the least surprsing move of August, USC coach Clay Helton named JT Daniels the starting quarterback.

As I’ve said, Helton loses nothing by making this move. If Daniels struggles, he is merely a freshman and no one will be shocked.

But if he named Jack Sears or Matt Fink the starter and they struggled, Helton would look like an incompetent, especially after the Max Browne-Sam Darnold debacle.


18 thoughts on “JT Daniels Named Starting QB

  1. Well Browne was everybody’s favorite going into spring, but Sam was making heads turn. If there was a debacle it was waiting to switch. I am still shaking my head at the deer in the headlights play from Browne. How could he be that bad?

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    1. Nice kid, Browne — but it still scares me that Helton could be THAT wrong about a quarterback when quarterbacking is his area. Two series into the Alabama game, it became apparent Browne was the wrong choice —and we still had to suffer through the Stanford game with Browne at the helm.


      1. In front of coaches he was fine, loaded with potential. But with 90 thousand people watching he fell apart like an under done souffle.

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      2. Watched JT Daniels throw passes on the news tonight. Not one pass Daniels threw was close to a spiral. The Kid has small hands and underthrows wobbly, dying duck passes that his receivers have to wait on…..Not good for the bozo offense, but great for the opponents secondary.


    1. I would use the UNLV game like a scrimmage with play calling to keep the offense on the field as much as possible to eat the clock. You have to beat Stanford at their own game to beat them.

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      1. Play every game like it is a championship game. Don’t ever treat a game like a scrimmage. Once a team starts looking ahead and taking the team in front of them lightly is when things go wrong.

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  2. Good luck Daniels, remember to mentally count to three and then run for your life. The oline will let you down and might even get you hurt.

    I hate being this negative, but that is all I remember from last year was Darnold running around in the backfield trying to save his life.

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    1. Keep an eye on short yardage plays and if the running game gets stuffed without the defense having to shift other defenders to stop the run. If the opposing D knows they can stop USC’s running game without doing anything extra special, then they are going to come after JT with everything they got. JT is going to need that run game to keep the pressure off of him.

      USC has had a problem with short yardage plays the last few years and still haven’t solved it. Think back to last year’s WSU game when they had 1st and Goal after Nwosu’s pick and only got a FG. Or when they had two downs from the 1 yard line against Texas and still didn’t score.

      The OL and the running game have to be there. USC cannot rely on JT alone.

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    2. I sure hope you’re wrong on this one, my friend. Let’s wait and see if the o-line can deliver in the Stanford game.


  3. I will eat my words and I hope I am wrong. However, in the Texas game they did not have a fullback to block thinking the one man rb can get thee job done. I guess having a fullback is to old fashion. Tell that to McKay when he ran the I formation all day long and they scored.


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