The Latest Line

USC is 26-point favorite over UNLV, according to bookmaker, William Hill.


24 thoughts on “The Latest Line

      1. This is nice, steveg…to sit idly by while people disrespect the host is dishonorable….I’ll sacrifice getting along in order to honor the worker. It’s laughable when grown men don’t seem to understand that. Your version of nice is nothing more than disrespect because you think Scott’s not worth defending.


      2. You must be new to Wolf’s blog. His schtick is to get dissed and get people upset at him. Glad to have you here, just take some time to get things figured out. It is basically how much Wolf dislikes USC football, and we usually tend to keep it to the major sports. That, and tell Wolf how wrong he is.

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      3. I admire your spirit, McGhgy. And your sense of loyalty to our host. But, believe it or not, we’re all pals here. Maladjusted pals.


      4. You’re fine, Michael. Pals with the others like Pud, steveg, Lamont Raymond….pass….and I’m sure they feel the same….it’s ok with me….


    1. Save the welcome mat, steveg. You’re sufficiently misguided and perceptually challenged when it comes to me…it’s easy to tell a lot about people like you who seem to overstep and wreak of pompousness…….challenging Scott, disagreement with Scott all part of the biz but going overboard not in my vocabulary….now, we can continue this or you can step off and stick to the issues and deliver your expertise on something besides me lol…..


      1. As for Maui Michael and Pud, they like what they like as do I, but I’m not tied at the hip to them and don’t come here for that but rather to express my perspectives which I feel are qualified


  1. Remember what John Robinson said to the Running Rebel players when he signed on to coach UNLV after Mike Garrett sacked him in 1996? Referring to the Trojans “You are the players that USC passed on….” Still didn’t work though. In 1997 Paul Hackett’s 1st year, one of his few victories USC 35 UNLV 21


      1. This is the happiest day of my young life! Oh, Coach Helton, have I ever told you how handsome you look when you’re being decisive?

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      2. Oh happy day! Ha. Well from everyone I’ve read this was no surprise. What was interesting was that most had Fink as the next in line..evidently he moved the team better and had a better grasp of what the defensive schemes were. Five days Michael!

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      3. My Dear Pudly —The Hurricane has passed…. all my neighbors are still alive…. AND USC will be playing football on a network, apparently, I alone possess…..

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  2. Steve,

    Knowing what I saw in the last two years, my opinion is that SC will not cover the spread, even against UNLV. Usually, I am very optimistic and upbeat about SC football, but the last two seasons have been dissapointing to me due to the lethargic offensive line and the play call. We will see what happens.


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