USC Afternoon Notes

If you are going to the Coliseum on Saturday, here is a good link for any information on construction, etc.

USC had this gem of a statement today on the new tower construction.
“During games, the construction cranes on the south side of the Coliseum are expected to rotate based on wind conditions. This is a normal operation and perfectly safe for all guests.”


The family of former USC fullback Doug MacKenzie (above) filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the NCAA alleging it did not properly inform college football players of the risks of head injuries. The family of former UCLA running back Rodney Stensrud filed a similar lawsuit.


7 thoughts on “USC Afternoon Notes

  1. Wow. I remember prosecuting a case that involved rotating cranes. 3 people killed in downtown L. A……..

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      1. This one involved a worker repeatedly telling a construction project foreman that the crane he was operating wasn’t steady (because it wasn’t sitting on a level pad). Eventually the crane collapsed and killed 3 people, including one 65 year old woman who was decapitated.

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  2. Wow spinning building cranes and lawsuits? To be honest I don’t feel the parents have legal standing in a lawsuit. First their adult children chose to play football which has been labeled dangerous for a century. Second the NCAA doesn’t have jurisdiction in warning student athletes. Their job is to regulate the fair play of sports. They do have a safety branch, but that unit just regulates the rules of the game. There is no NCAA mechanism for warning students. Finally, while I do feel sorry for their loss, I believe no judgement should come for family members who sat by and watched their son strap on a helmet so he could engage in risky behavior. This would be like Evil Kenevil ‘s family suing the maker of the fountain at Caesar’s Palace for his almost fatal jump.

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  3. Michael,

    Do you know Brian Panish, the glorified ambulance chaser? He went to my high school until he was caught destroying another high school’s locker room. the funny thing about this is that the high school that got destroyed accepted Panish to finish high school.


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