Cornerback Je’Quari Godfrey Is Transferring

Cornerback Je’Quari Godfrey, a redshirt freshman, will transfer according to Clay Helton.

Godfrey redshirted last year after recovering from a high school knee injury. He was listed third-string on the current depth chart released Sunday. So maybe Godfrey made a wise decision.

But it also means USC has lost safety Ykili Ross and Godfrey in the past week. It also will lead to questions about recruiting decisions that have been made.


8 thoughts on “Cornerback Je’Quari Godfrey Is Transferring

  1. Third string? Talk about sour grapes. Third string players become first string quickly when the injury big bites. I hope he waits around but if he’s hell bent on leaving happy trails to you.

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  2. This never happens anywhere but USC. I can’t believe it. Come on coach…

    I remember reading an article that talked about Alabama having a third to half its recruiting class transfer from a recent year, and having a whole bunch of that same class get drafted. That’s big boy college football. They all come to top programs with the hopes of NFL. Playing behind someone may hinder that a little bit, time to move on. This culture is only going to get worse. All of these kids grew up in this. Pop warner, AAU, club baseball and soccer, etc. that is the prevailing culture. Kids shift from team to team every year hoping to get more playing time, or to be on a super team, or to avoid a bad coach or get with a great one. Whatever the reason, they are used to it. It’s not going away. When I was a kid, you played on neighborhood teams and the occasional all star team. There weren’t other options. Now, especially if you are really good, you play anywhere you want. Drive across town, state, or Fly across the country to play for a certain school or program? Yep. Play for 6 programs or clubs in 6 years? Yep. That’s how all of these kids grew up. It’s what they know. The smart coaches and programs will adjust and plan for it. The old school guys will be burned by it.

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