USC Morning Buzz: JT Daniels Offers No Excuses

JT Daniels, the phenom, finally met the media on Tuesday after nearly a month of practices and was asked if a week was enough time to prepare for the UNLV game, especially after sharing reps with Matt Fink and Jack Sears.

“I guess we’ll find out on Saturday, at the end of the day,” Daniels said. “I have absolutely no idea what the answer to your question is. Obviously I won’t know until Saturday.”

At least Daniels is not making a promises and being honest.

“There’s not really an excuse I can make and blame anybody else if it doesn’t go to plan,” he said.

  • USC has formed a 23-person Search Advisory Committee to help select the next university president. Amazingly, not a single student was included. But of course, Donald Trump’s friend (Tom Barrack) and Rod Dedeaux’s daughter (Michele Dedeaux Engemann) were included. The entire committee is here.

32 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: JT Daniels Offers No Excuses

  1. “Amazingly, not a single student was included. But of course, Donald Trump’s friend (Tom Barrack) and Rod Dedeaux’s daughter (Michele Dedeaux Engemann) were included.”

    Say what? Sample resurrected the school from the doldrums academically and Nikias was a superman fundraising wise but you’re wondering why, even as window dressing, someone from ‘the Row’ or a ‘gender challenged’ ‘individual’ wasn’t put in the hopper?

    Here’s a juicy item from ‘Wetsie Wetzel’ over on Yahoo about our boy Tom Herman and the never-ending rumor (constantly discounted) of TX having a hand in Meyer’s scandal at OH St..

    Focus is what makes a great coach successful not distractions.

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    1. There is good info at on the whole mess. Quite a neutral take on most of this mess. One point made was that the initial leak was a tweet from an unknown source too a number of reporters around the country of which McMurphy was one, but also to He was in the midst of looking into the story as Brett broke his (Brett being out of work had the time to jump on it). Shortly after the initial tweet, the acct was closed.
      There was also reports out of Columbus that Herman found and paid for Courtney’s legal assistance and that they had evidence. None was ever forthcoming. Herman’s wife, having been a close friend of Courtney, made a one time loan to her abused friend to help her out.
      My greater curiosity goes to the texts of Shelley Meyers who expressed great concern for Courtney’s safety and knowledge of what she had previously gone through.

      It makes perfect sense to all not looking through scarlet and grey lenses that only the wives knew that Smith was assaulting his wife. It makes sense that Urban had no record of his wife’s texts TO HIM expressing her concern for Courtney’s further safety.

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      1. Consider two former assistants at OH St. under Meyer- Tom Herman – TX and Fickell – Cincinnati as head football coaches but amazingly Smith sits there and gets a rave review and raise just before Meyer finally sacked him. I get Meyer having allegiance because Sith is Earl Bruce’s grandson but 10 years? Man that’s even longer than Mickey Hatcher’s gig with Mike Scoscia for the LAA.

        This is going to be a buzzing bee for both TX and OH St. because reporters love to ‘find it’ and people love to read it.

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      2. Don’t forget the former assistant who’s currently embroiled in what is the most tragic scandal in football this year at Maryland. Good ole DJ Durkin.
        Also, for those who think that this is much ado about nothing, there is a number of players from Meyers Florida days who’ve put together videos, before any of the Maryland or current scandals talking of the degradation and physical abuse put to them at Florida.

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  2. if i’m a prophet and Maui Mike a lawyer, how’d Pud, Lamont, steveg and Budapest get in the club? Check their credentials. Scribe Scott must be more benevolent than many give him credit for…..committee by association. Let us all pray for our committee members. Ugh….that means I have to pray for Pud? Omg, no way, Lord! I can’t stand him! And steveg? Omg, can’t stomach him! LamontRaymond? So, Lord! Budapest? He’s a heathen, Lord!…….Silence, my son……just pray for the committee anyhow…..


    1. Try praying for yourself to find Gods grace and peace to deal with those that annoy you in love and peace. If you purport yourself as some kind of religious person, it isn’t coming out of you, like you are a tree with no fruit, biblicaly speaking.

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      1. Which Steven? I hope you mean McGiggles!
        Remember the native Americans always revered those specially touched by God. Somehow in his case I think his just touched. Ha.


  3. Is it illegal to be associated with Trump? I think only in the eyes of someone suffering TDS.

    Daniels is mature beyond his years, shows great parenting. He has been successful in the past and there is no reason he won’t be in the future.

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      1. Pudly —Those comments were made by Max Kellerman. I’ve heard him say dumb shit for years (“boxers should be willing to ruin their health and body —as absurd as that sounds”).

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      2. The social agenda at the disney network is a joke. That it was once a sports based news network, and now isn’t is probably the reason they are falling apart and viewership is falling.

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    1. steveg —-I didn’t get how smart and mature Daniels was until I saw that FIRST press conference. I realize now that what I was calling ‘nerves’ on Helton’s part throughout fall camp —-was just quiet confidence. He KNOWS he has somebody special at the helm. In fact, you can tell from yesterday’s interviews that both Helton and Coach Ellis see the limitless potential of the 2018 offense (I just wish that Ellis hadn’t said “we have a plan for what to do if everything is going really well” —-it makes it too clear that —-if Daniels gets off to a comfortable start —-he’s gonna be given the ok to start hitting guys deep every other play). And, by the way, all those very physical practices —-and minor resulting injuries that reporters were so worried about —- were Helton’s way of getting this talented team ready to take out Stanford and Texas back to back.

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      1. I think there was a time many, many moons ago, at another site that I might have expressed my opinion that things may actually get better after Sam was done. In no way was I trying to put Sam down. This kid, if he holds up physically, may just make Helton a good coach. He (JT) may just be that good.
        And please, don’t forget Amon-Ra. He might be as good at what he does as JT.

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      2. Pudly —So true. I shoulda included Amon-Ra in that list of people who point to a great 2018. And did you hear his press conference? He’s every bit as smooth and mature as Daniels. What an amazing pair. I think we’re gonna see a first game touchdown or two from this duo.

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      3. Michael, welcome to the fold. Daniels is special, but must be protected. You get that restraining order for McGiggles yet? Do you really think old CB is back, wearing a new outfit? Could be fun.



  4. No one has mentioned that the Ruins are doing what they do best, violate and suspend players like flies being killed with a fly swatter. 6 ruins are suspended for the first game and some will be suspended all the way up to the third game. Like the greatest cheater of all time said, and I quote from Johnny “Cheetin'” wooden, “If you aint’ cheetin’ u aint’ tryin'”.

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      1. Pudly —Ha! Very funny [At this stage of my career, think of me as Mister Pro Bono. But, seriously, you know something? I’ve seen a ton of ‘pro bono’ from my neighbors since I came to this island —what a friendly culture —hope it never changes].

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    1. Gee PT, former bozos doing what they do best: Get Hurt!

      Barkley went down hard (knee) tonight. M. Lee went down last night. Next up to go down, the Piglet. He hasn’t faced a serious 1st string defense in the pre-season.


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