The Sam Darnold Era Officially Starts Now

The Jets traded quarterback Teddy Bridgewater to the Saints, which clears the way for Sam Darnold to start Week 1.

Darnold was always going to be the starter based on his exhibition performances, but this sends the message that it is his team and no one is going to replace him. Darnold will become the youngest Week 1 starting quarterback in NFL history on Sept. 10 in Detroit. He will be 21 years, 97 days old.


31 thoughts on “The Sam Darnold Era Officially Starts Now

      1. Daniels is 18 already, so he’d be twenty-one when he got his first start too. Not sure what mont Sam’s Bday is???


    1. Just wondering, how many of Tee’s wide receivers are playing at the next level? He must be the luckiest dumbass I ever met to fall into all that pro-ready talent.

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      1. Micheal it’s always funny when somebody puts people down by associating them with a group he thinks is below him. Shows a deep rooted fear of his own proclivities, not that there’s anything wrong with it.

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      2. Exactly, Pudly! It’s the 21st century! Let Karma be who he wants to be! I’ll stand up for him any day!

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  1. One can only hope what Tee11, aka the Brain Surgeon, his sidekick W. Kentucky reject as well as Gomer, will do to mess up Daniels this year, it might make his daddy make him want to transfer



      1. Karma said something about wanting to throw the football around with us —but I don’t know, Pudly. I’d be so worried about him forgetting to get his hands up in time to stop the ball….

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      2. It’s what trolls do. He’s always claimed to be an alumn but clearly his hatred for all things that are SC is overwhelming. He just can’t keep it in his pants.

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      3. Pudly — Ha! [Isn’t there some character in War And Peace who says “why are they shooting at me, whom everyone loves?”]…..


      4. steveg —I think some people’s emotions are high cuz of game day —–I trust and hope the actual coaches and players are calmer…..


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