Plenty Of Tickets Available For Pac-12 Games

I already wrote last week how USC is selling field-level seats for five home games. Now look around the Pac-12. Arizona State has tickets at half-price for its home opener vs. Texas-San Antonio. Welcome to Tempe, Herm Edwards!

And Stanford has seats all over the stadium available for its home opener vs. San Diego State. Look at the graphic below. No one will ever confuse the Pac-12 for the SEC.


13 thoughts on “Plenty Of Tickets Available For Pac-12 Games

  1. Pac 12 fans are smarter. They don’t show up for cupcake games like they do in the SEC. Which is why USC is so smart to schedule 11 power-5 games. You schedule a UNLV game at 1pm on a summer Saturday with construction making parking hell? Sure, fans will watch on TV. So what?

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    1. Amen – same in Lincoln-NE, Norman-OK, Stillwater-OK, Clemson-SC, Baton Rogue-LA, State College-PA, Auburn-AL, Manhattan-KS, Iowa City-IA

      There is absolutely nothing else to do on a Saturday or any other day of the week and particularly on Saturday you go watch the game.


  2. Students don’t return to Stanford to start school until September 20. Classes officially start on September 24th. I think all the available seats might have something to do with most of the student body not even being in class/campus yet.

    I remember UCLA always starting classes towards the end of September. The student body there always missed a couple of games when the season started because of their quarter system.

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  3. So if my family wants to go to the Arizona game in Arizona this year we contact Scott for a line on tickets? Great right after our first paycheck of the school year we’ll get them.


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