Radio, Radio

I spoke with Bob Kemp of NBC Sports AM 1060 in Phoenix today about the season, where I give my thoughts on the team, its weaknesses and whether to take the over or under of 8.5 victories.


19 thoughts on “Radio, Radio

  1. You have a dynamic radio voice, Scott…you should get work doing games…if I were the czar, you’re in….but, the under? What in the world, Tiger!


  2. Good analysis Scott also looking forward to hearing you on 570 AM PMS show – wished you been on there today – first 30 minutes 2 – 2:30 pm they were watching and commenting on a car chase back and forth on Manchester.

    Good news for LAA fans – Albert ‘el gordito Pujols, is done for the season – now just pay his discounted remaining and be rid of him

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    1. The question about the over/under clearly surprised Scott; his instincts kicked in….and—-voila!—- he went with the under.

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      1. Stephen (or Charlie—whichever you prefer this season) —I think you might want to give the 26 points and go with the Trojans.

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  3. Fantastic insight. I loved the bit about no cheering after UCLA win. Never heard that before. Same with Sam Darnold pulling out wins in spite of coaching staff. All fresh takes. Good stuff Wolfie.

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    1. Let’s also not forget the little nugget about “other people being high on the Defense..”, but not him, and obviously that’s because “it must be because I’m around the team more…”.

      LOL, so Scottie Too Hotty has better access to the team now than every other media outlet? There are a whole lot of seasoned writers around that team every day who think the Defense is going to be darn good.


    2. I love the Wolfman —but those weren’t fresh takes, Brumby. It was vintage Scott.


      1. Michael I guess my sarcasm wasn’t on point. I’ve been on these boards for a bit. I’ve always jumped on to see why sky is falling, but mainly for commenters. There are some folks who comment that actually spend time around the program. Not sure Sooter does any longer. I’m out of state, when we travel to Pullman, I go.


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