JT Daniels’ College Debut Not A Big Seller?

The malaise of USC fans apparently continues.




23 thoughts on “JT Daniels’ College Debut Not A Big Seller?

  1. This makes sense. People are unaccustomed to seeing the Trojans struggle in early games. They don’t like the new security with its random rules and long waits. There is an uncertainty over seats due to construction. And the trains are already stuffed full, so calling them an answer to lost parking is not really an answer . Fear of the weather shouldn’t play too much a part this year.
    I guess when all is said and done this weekend is just a glorified scrimmage and not many people are willing to spend the hassle of trekking to the game.
    By the way I noticed another blog hosted by this company that has an edit button is there one for this blog?

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      1. Well sometimes after I have poked one letter at at a time hoping to make a coherent statement I press post and poof it changes. So yes I would like to be able to make changes.

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      1. Yeah, I’m a bruin because I don’t slurp the kool aid like you do, you’re an idiot but you knew that already


      2. Poor little karma, penile envy syndrome must be a bitch. I wish I could tell you that you’ll get over it, but we know that won’t happen.

        Just keep believing your momma when she tells you that it was the cold water. Ahem.

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      3. Pudly —I think it would be kinder, more humane ( i. e., in keeping with who we are) to lie a little white lie and tell Karma he WILL get over it…..


  2. This isn’t about the team so much as the USC administration has made it expensive, inconvenient and a hassle to trek out to the Coliseum.

    Sometimes, a comfy couch, a bar and fridge stocked with alcohol, big screen and saving hundreds of dollars is preferable to sitting at the Coliseum close to midnight on a Thursday or Friday night. (Although this game happens to be a day game on a Saturday).

    There is still alot of resentment from the USC fanbase about the particulars of attending a game in person.

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      1. Yeah, maybe even see UNLV pull an upset, now that would be something eh ? Anything’s possible with Gomer at the helm and Tee11 calling plays !


  3. -1 pm game
    -unbearable early September heat
    -crappy opponent

    They can’t expect great attendance and should have at least made this a night game like they did with the home opener vs Arkansas State a few years ago.


    1. That would be impossible(change to nite game)—TV rules–Larry and all the pac12 presidents and the AD’s just do what TV tells them to do. The hell with the fans!

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  4. Scott are you ignoring the mess that it will be to attend a home game this year? Fewer parking, limited ingress and egress from the Coli. This year I’ll be attending more away games than home games and it has nothing to do with malaise or lack of interest in seeing Daniels play.


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