USC-UNLV Gambling Tip

The spread for the USC-UNLV game is between 26-27 points.

UNLV is 6-1 against the spread as a road underdog under Coach Tony Sanchez when the Rebels are an underdog of 21-or-more points.


12 thoughts on “USC-UNLV Gambling Tip

  1. USC and 26 points is easily within reach, gamblers. The difference maker in this one is the USC o-line. If we get lucky & it does it’s job for a change, this will get so ugly.

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      1. Nice to have a guy out there that gets every dumb reference I make (BTW, your “The Jerk” reference yesterday was way superior to my “War and Peace” quote)…….

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    1. P. T. — As one of the many dozen proud-as-punch Pac 12 Network subscribers who’ll be watching the game Saturday in the comfort of their den, I have to tell you that, if Daniels gets sacked even ONCE by UNLV, I wouldn’t want to be my elderly next door neighbor trying to take a nap.

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  2. Man truly a ‘berezina’ in Minneapolis – MN 41 NM St. 10 with <9 minutes to go….

    Looking forward to Auburn vs WA, MI @ 'the princess' and LSU vs Miami – let the games begin!


    1. I often wonder if even you get your own inside jokes and obtuse nicknames.
      You may be leading the band but it’s just your shadow following.
      Good luck tomorrow and remember your only competition is the spread.


  3. Advice to college football bettors. Always look ahead at the following week’s game before betting this week’s game. USC plays Stanford in a key Pac-12 road game next week. And the Trojans travel to Texas the following week.
    This tells me that the Trojan’s #1 goal against UNLV will be to win the game as vanilla as possible, without showing any new formations or new strengths, and stay healthy. Key players will be rested in the 4th quarter if the game is a blowout.
    I would stay away from betting this game.

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