Now Starting Safety Bubba Bolden Is Not Playing Saturday

USC’s secondary took another hit today: Starting safety Bubba Bolden did not practice and there is no timetable for his return, according to Coach Clay Helton.

Isaiah Pola-Mao, a redshirt freshman, will start in place of Bolden.

So to recap, Bolden and Ykili Ross were battling to start at strong safety at the start of training camp. Ross is off the team and Bolden is in limbo.

Oh, and redshirt cornerback Je’Quari Godfrey also left the team this week.

UPDATED: I’m told there was an off-field incident this summer but not sure yet if that caused what appears to be the current suspension. And why it went down today is odd.


17 thoughts on “Now Starting Safety Bubba Bolden Is Not Playing Saturday

  1. How about something different – a little reporting? Why is he not playing? Is he injured? Suspended for misconduct? I’ll be honest, we don’t really depend on you for that sort of info, Scottie, but it would be refreshing to get it from you every now and then – just as a garnish for your snark. (Which we love, of course….)


    1. After having done some research at Reign of Troy and, Clay announced that it’s a personal matter – not further comment.


      1. Left knee surgeries you ask? I’ve had at least 5 of them. Too sick to my stomach and too painful to recall them all, so I’m not even sure anymore lol…might be a tad more…..I’ve been lmao all day listening to my comrades school me…oh, and throw in a Tommy John on my left elbow to raise the pot…..embarrassing finish, Tigers….


      2. Please hydrate, Porter and Palaie! God bless….btw, a protein powder mixed with water is good before game or practice time….it will curb your hunger, sustain you and provide a base for you to hydrate on top of throughout practice or game without having to water log yourself or over indulge in Gatorade….goodnight…sleep well


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